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Tycho Brahe Had a Drunken Moose Pet. Source: Andrew / Adobe Stock.

16th Century Astronomer Tycho Brahe Had a Drunken Pet Moose


In the realms of ancient history, the enigmatic quirks of historical figures never cease to amaze. Among these eccentricities, Tycho Brahe, the esteemed 16th-century astronomer, stands out not only for his groundbreaking contributions to astronomy but also for his rather unconventional choice of pet—an inebriated moose.

Brahe’s Unusual Companion

In the grand tapestry of historical oddities, Tycho Brahe's preference for a pet transcended the ordinary. Instead of a loyal dog or a graceful cat, Brahe opted to share his life with an altogether different creature: a moose.

Brahe's moose, though not a typical pet by any measure, displayed an uncanny attachment to its owner, much like a domesticated dog. It would faithfully trail Brahe around his expansive estate, a truly remarkable sight for those fortunate enough to witness it.

The Drunken Moose

Brahe's eccentricities did not end with his choice of companion. He found a rather unorthodox way to entertain his guests. Brahe would host extravagant soirées, and the pièce de résistance was none other than his moose.

What set Brahe's moose apart from other pets was its extraordinary fondness for alcohol. It would enthusiastically partake in beer, not with a timid sip, but with hearty gulps. The spectacle of a moose indulging in alcohol brought mirth and astonishment to Brahe's guests. They watched in amusement as the inebriated moose stumbled about the castle, colliding with furniture and walls.

A Tragic Conclusion

Alas, the peculiar entertainment involving Brahe's inebriated moose culminated in a tragic event. After imbibing a considerable amount of beer, the moose decided to explore a new frontier: the castle stairs. In its inebriated state, the moose's balance faltered. As it attempted to ascend the stairs, it lost its footing, leading to a calamitous tumble. Regrettably, the majestic creature succumbed to its injuries.

Beyond his eccentricities, it is important to note that Tycho Brahe was a luminary in the field of astronomy. His meticulous observations of the night sky laid the foundation for later advancements in the understanding of celestial mechanics. His expertise as an astronomer illuminated the cosmos in ways that continue to shape our understanding of the universe to this day. The story of his drunken moose, while peculiar, is but one facet of this remarkable man's multifaceted legacy.

Top image: Tycho Brahe Had a Drunken Moose Pet. Source: Andrew / Adobe Stock.

By Joanna Gillan

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Joanna Gillan is a Co-Owner, Editor and Writer of Ancient Origins. 

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