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Viking style conquest had a profound impact on Russia's history. Source: Iobard / Adobe Stock

New Study Finds Roots of Modern Russia in its Viking Style Past

A new study published in the journal Russian History has revealed some surprising details about economic, political, and cultural developments in medieval and modern Russia. It seems that the Russian...
Mayan sculpture. Deciphering the story of Maya warrior Siyah K’ak’ at Tikal. Source: Marco Govel / Adobe Stock

Siyah Kʼakʼ, Warlord of Teotihuacan and his Conquest of Tikal

The pre-Colombian cities, monuments, and pyramids, found deep within the jungles and valleys of Mesoamerica are still shrouded in mystery. While academics are still trying to piece together the...
King Penda of Mercia. Source: breakermaximus / Adobe Stock

King Penda of Mercia: Militant Heathen or Visionary Statesman?

In his seminal work entitled Anglo-Saxon England published in 1943, Sir Frank Stenton states that “the overthrow of Penda meant the end of militant heathenism and the development of civilization in...
Anyang, China, Chinese, warlord, Cao Cao, Henan, ancient, tomb, burial, mausoleum, remains

Cao Cao Could Not Hide Forever: Remains Finally Confirmed As Chinese Warlord

Archaeologists in China are convinced they have found the tomb and remains of Cao Cao, a famous Chinese warlord who rose to great power in the final years of the Eastern Han Dynasty 1,800 years ago...
Cao Cao cites a poem before the Battle of Red Cliffs, portrait at the Long Corridor of the Summer Palace, Beijing

Devastating Defeat for Chinese Warlord in Largest Naval Battle in History

The largest naval battle in history occurred in the winter of 208/9 AD as part of the war for control of China. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought - some estimates suggest that the exact number...
Bible paper. Insert: Mesha stele.

This 2,800-Year-Old Stele Tells A Bible Story From A Different Point Of View

As soon as you fit the words “Bible” and “history” into the same sentence, people start reacting. Most people are in one of two camps: either every word of the Bible is completely, literally true, or...
Photograph of the top of the sarcophagus and mummy of Cangrande della Scala

Analysis of Medieval warlord mummy reveals death by poison

Renaissance Italians who held power are infamous for intrigue, back-stabbing, power struggles, war and homicide, including murder by poisoning. In keeping with this theme, archaeologists have...
Siberian warlord horseman

1,000-year-old grave of Siberian warlord horseman who lost arm in battle revealed

Archaeologists in Siberia have unearthed an elaborate grave belonging to an 11 th century warlord horseman who lost his left arm in his final battle, according to a news release in the Siberian Times...
The Golden Man of Kazakhstan

The Reburial of a 2500-year-old Cursed Ancient Warlord

Last year, the Kazakh Culture Ministry ordered the reburial of the remains of an ancient warlord in the Shiliktinskaya Valley in eastern Kazakhstan after elders claimed that a curse associated with...