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The Favorites of the Emperor Honorius, by John William Waterhouse (1883) (Public Domain)

The Fall Of The Western Roman Empire - A Military Perspective (405-455 AD)

In 376 AD, an alarming number of Visigoths erupted on the Danube frontier and overflowed into the northern Roman provinces of the Balkans. The recent arrival of a new invader in Eastern Europe,...
Visigoths. Source: Warrenpeace21 / Adobe Stock.

The Murder Hunt that Unearthed a Long-Lost Visigoth Settlement (Video)

In a twist of fate, a murder hunt led to the remarkable discovery of a long-lost settlement. Lourdes and Rosario Malón, victims of General Franco's brutal regime in 1936, were the focus of Mariano's...
10 Fierce But Often Forgotten Enemies of Rome

10 Fierce But Often Forgotten Enemies of Rome

Rome, this very name conjures up images of an ancient empire so vast that experts from different ages have been spellbound by the unprecedented magnanimity of its reaches. Ancient Rome defined the...
A fight between a Roman and a Germanic warrior.

Raiders of Hispania: Unravelling the Secrets of the Suebi

In the 5th century AD, the reign of the Roman Empire in the west came crashing down with a series of barbarian invasions. Visigoths, Franks , and other groups laid waste to the villas and cities of...
Alaric entering Athens

King Alaric: His Famous Sacking of Rome, Secretive Burial, and Lost Treasure

The Sack of Rome in 410 AD by the Visigoths is often regarded as an event that marked the beginning of the end of the Western Roman Empire. The man responsible for the second sacking of Rome (the...
Inbuilt rock house of Monsanto, Portugal.

Monsanto: The Thriving Medieval Town Built Around Giant Boulders

In most parts of Europe, the medieval period ended around the fourteenth century, right around the time Giotto introduced perspective into the art of pre-Renaissance Italy. Yet for the twelfth...
Sack of Rome’ by Karl Briullov. (1833-1836) in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. This painting is showing the Vandal king Gaiseric sacking Rome

Va-Va-Vandal: The Life and Times of Gaiseric, the Vandal King of North Africa

Meet one of the most important late antiquity kings you’ve never heard of: Gaiseric (a.k.a. Genseric), a Germanic kinglet who transformed his tribal affiliations into a massive realm in the 5th...
Would You Visit Five Centuries of Bones? The Scary Spanish Ossuary of Wamba

Would You Visit Five Centuries of Bones? The Scary Spanish Ossuary of Wamba

What could be more frightening than a chamber full of bones? Perhaps only the awareness of being surrounded by the remains of 3000 people who died between the 13th and 18th century, while having a...