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Chinese empress. Source: dreampicturestud / Adobe Stock.

How a Chinese Empress Built the Largest Palace in the World (Video)

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In 662 AD, as Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty’s health waned, Empress Wu Zetian quietly assumed the reins of power, navigating a realm dominated by men. Wu's ambition knew no bounds, and she aimed to demonstrate her supremacy in an unconventional manner – through the expansion of the Imperial Palace. Archaeologists, when they unearthed the colossal foundations, stood in awe of her audacious vision. One can't help but be overwhelmed by the magnificence of Danfeng Gate, the southern entrance to the grand Daming Palace. Its colossal size underscored Wu's aspirations, projecting an aura of Imperial grandeur that dwarfed onlookers.

Daming Palace, a marvel that emerged within a mere three years, dwarfed everything in its path. Its vastness outstripped all known constructions, surpassing even the Forbidden City of later dynasties and the Acropolis. Emissaries from foreign lands, upon their arrival, could only gape in wonder at the celestial paradise Wu had forged on Earth. Empress Wu Zetian, a shrewd ruler, not only cemented her dominance but also left behind a monumental legacy that spoke volumes about her unwavering determination.

Top image: Chinese empress. Source: dreampicturestud / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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