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Wu Zetian

Chinese empress. Source: dreampicturestud / Adobe Stock.

How a Chinese Empress Built the Largest Palace in the World (Video)

In 662 AD, as Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty’s health waned, Empress Wu Zetian quietly assumed the reins of power, navigating a realm dominated by men. Wu's ambition knew no bounds, and she...
Chinese empress. Credit: wichansumalee / Adobe Stock

The Reign of Wu Zetian: From Concubine to Empress to… Emperor!

There are rarely any parts of our history more intriguing and interesting than the chronicles of ancient China . Full of unique cultural traits, obscure and colorful mythologies, and above all...
Deriv; Wu Zetian, famous work of art depicting the Chinese emperor's large procession.

Entire Family Executed by First Female Emperor of China: Tomb Reveals Bloody Past

1,300 years ago Yan Shiwei was an honored magistrate dedicated to supporting the first (and only) female Emperor in Chinese history—until she had him and his family executed. His bones have now been...