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Church of Santa Maria do Olival in Tomar, Portugal. Source: milosk50 / Adobe Stock.

The Tiny Church at the Heart of the Knights Templar (Video)


Hidden within the charming town of Tomar, Portugal, lies a hidden gem of historical significance - the tiny church of Santa Maria do Olival. Dating back to the 13th century, this Gothic church holds a deep connection to the enigmatic Knights Templar . Symbolism adorns its sacred walls, and it stands as the most important site for the Templars in Portugal. In this intriguing place, masters of the order found inspiration, conducting rituals that transcended the earthly realm.

The church's intricate design, featuring a distinct five-pointed symbol, hints at a profound spiritual journey for the knights during their initiation. Beyond the church, a mysterious tunnel, rumored to have connected it to the Tomar Castle, adds to the air of secrecy. As we unravel the historical threads woven into this remarkable site, we uncover not only its significance to Portuguese history but also its profound influence on the world's Age of Discoveries.

Top image: Church of Santa Maria do Olival in Tomar, Portugal. Source: milosk50 / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell



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The Knights Tenplar conspiracy theory….?

Charles Bowles

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