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Bust of Ramses the Great. Source: Dennis / Adobe Stock.

Ramses the Great: A Master of Diplomacy and Propaganda (Video)

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Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, was a successful pharaoh of ancient Egypt. His reign was characterized by military victories, impressive constructions, and a mastery of diplomacy. He recorded his victory against the Hittites as a massacre to create a sense of awe around his military prowess. However, he also understood the importance of portraying himself as a just and benevolent ruler and built his success through peaceful means whenever possible as well as the heavy use of propaganda.

Ramses was a master of diplomacy, using his negotiation skills to build alliances and avoid costly military campaigns. He oversaw the construction of massive temples and monuments, including the mountain temple of Abu Simbel, where he portrayed himself as the living embodiment of the Sun God. Ramses’ legacy as a successful leader and diplomat is still celebrated today, and his impact on ancient history is felt to this day.

Top image: Bust of Ramses the Great. Source: Dennis / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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