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Recreation of an Egyptian war chariot from the Early New Kingdom by Angus McBride

An Ancient Egyptian Arms Race (Video)

Seqenenre Tao , a determined pharaoh of the Seventeenth Dynasty in ancient Egypt, played a pivotal role in the arms race against the Hyksos during the Second Intermediate Period. Faced with the...
Mummy of Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao (Public Domain)

Why Was This Pharaoh’s Face Mutilated? (Video)

The mystery surrounding the mutilated face of Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao has puzzled historians and Egyptologists for centuries. Discovered in a hidden network of tunnels, Seqenenre Tao burial alongside...
Thutmose IV found the Sphinx half-buried. Source: Kreatifquotes / Adobe Stock.

King Thutmose IV, The Pharaoh Who Found the Sphinx (Video)

King Thutmose IV, a prominent figure in ancient Egyptian history, is often associated with the remarkable discovery of the Great Sphinx . Rather than being its builder, he is known as the pharaoh who...
Pharaoh Senebkay was different to other Egyptian kings

This Abydos Pharaoh Was Unusual in Many Ways (Video)

The discovery of Pharaoh Senebkay‘s remains offers a unique glimpse into an unconventional Egyptian dynasty. Unlike typical pharaohs, Senebkay was a modest ruler, and his life was far from the...
The Djoser step pyramid. Source: Pavle / Adobe Stock.

The Djoser Step Pyramid: Architectural Marvel of Egypt (Video)

The Djoser Step Pyramid, the oldest pyramid in the world, stands as a testament to the brilliance of ancient Egyptian civilization. Built for King Djoser over 4,700 years ago, its unique staircase-...
Boy king Tutankhamun. Source: Mikolaj Niemczewski / Adobe Stock.

A Day in the Life of the Boy King Tutankhamun (Video)

Discovering the daily life of King Tutankhamun , the 11th pharaoh of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, offers a fascinating glimpse into ancient Egypt's rich history and culture. Despite ascending to the...
Bust of Ramses the Great. Source: Dennis / Adobe Stock.

Ramses the Great: A Master of Diplomacy and Propaganda (Video)

Ramses II , also known as Ramses the Great, was a successful pharaoh of ancient Egypt. His reign was characterized by military victories , impressive constructions, and a mastery of diplomacy. He...
A 15th century depiction of Scota’s voyage from Egypt.

Scota: Mother of Scotland and Daughter of a Pharaoh

During the 1440s, a Scottish chronicler, Walter Bower, sought to trace the history of the Scottish people from the earliest times. The result of his endeavour was the creation of a compendium of...