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Haji piyada nine domes mosque, Afghanistan. (Masoud Akbari / CC by SA 3.0)

The Mysterious, Ancient Nine Domes Mosque of Afghanistan (Video)


The ancient Nine Domes Mosque in Afghanistan in Balkh, Afghanistan is a fascinating enigma that has intrigued archaeologists for centuries. Built in the 8th century, it stands as one of the oldest Islamic structures globally, shrouded in mystery and secrets. Despite its age, the Haji piyada mosque has survived the test of time and erosion, leaving researchers wondering how it has endured for over a thousand years. The mosque's uniqueness lies not only in its age but also in its current state of conservation, which presents both challenges and opportunities. Rediscovered in the 1960s, the fragile temple now faces the threat of earthquakes, necessitating delicate preservation efforts to maintain its historical significance.

The mosque's exquisite deco and historical relevance adds to its allure, attracting interest from both scholars and locals. Efforts to protect and revive the mosque's splendor are ongoing, with hopes that it may become a future tourist attraction and a place of worship once again. As an essential cultural and historical monument, its preservation is a matter of immense pride for the local community, recognizing the invaluable heritage it represents in its history. With continued dedication and care, the Nine Domes Mosque may yet reveal more of its ancient secrets to those who seek to understand its enduring allure.

Top image: Haji piyada nine domes mosque, Afghanistan. (Masoud Akbari / CC by SA 3.0)

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