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The Narragansett Runestone. Source: Alchetron.

Gone Without a Trace: The Curious Case of the Narragansett Runestone (Video)


The Narragansett Runestone, also known as the Quidnessett Rock, has captivated the imagination of many due to its mysterious inscriptions and alleged connections to the Knights Templar. The stone, weighing around 2.5 tons (2,500 kg), is made of metasandstone and was discovered in Rhode Island, United States. Its two rows of symbols have sparked speculation that they resemble ancient runic characters, leading some to believe it could be a remnant of Viking or Norse presence in North America.

In addition to these theories, some individuals have suggested a connection between the Narragansett Runestone and the Knights Templar. The Templars, a medieval Christian military order, have been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and legends. Proponents of this theory argue that the symbols on the stone bear similarities to Templar symbols found in Europe, hinting at a possible Templar presence in North America. Unfortunately, the stone was stolen in 2012 and the culprits have never been found. The stone's disappearance has hindered research and analysis, leaving experts concerned about the preservation of valuable historical artifacts.

Top image: The Narragansett Runestone. Source: Alchetron.

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