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Marcus Aurelius (Matthew / Adobe Stock).

Marcus Aurelius: The Stoic Emperor (Video)


Exploring the life of Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher emperor of Rome, takes us into the history of a remarkable figure. Born in 121 AD to a prestigious family, Marcus was groomed for greatness from a young age. His early connection to Emperor Hadrian paved the way for his eventual rise to power. Unlike traditional emperors, Marcus Aurelius was not enthusiastic about his role. He was more inclined toward philosophy, thanks to his early education in stoicism. When he ascended to power in 147 AD, Marcus and co-emperor Lucius Verus faced challenges, including a devastating plague. Marcus Aurelius showed remarkable leadership, staying in Rome to combat the plague and dealing with external threats like conflicts with Germanic tribes.

His stoic philosophy, encapsulated in "Meditations," emphasized self-control and resilience in adversity. While there are no definitive records of Marcus Aurelius's physical appearance, contemporary sculptures portray him as a strong and somber figure with dark hair and eyes. His tranquil countenance reflected his stoic disposition. He is remembered for his leadership during challenging times and his enduring philosophy, which continues to inspire resilience and self-mastery today.

Top image: Marcus Aurelius (Matthew / Adobe Stock).

By Robbie Mitchell

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