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Traditional fabric printing in India. Source: kalcutta / Adobe Stock.

French-Indian Textile Designer Recreates Ancient Mughal Designs (Video)


Renowned French-Indian textile designer, Brigitte Singh, has masterfully revived ancient Mughal designs on fabric, igniting a renaissance of timeless beauty. With meticulous attention, she unfurls a textile embellished with vivid red poppy flowers, reminiscent of the 17th-century era of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Singh's journey to resurrect this opulent artistry has been an odyssey of dedication, employing the ancestral Indian craftsmanship of hand-block printing within her Rajasthan print haven. Over decades, Singh has painstakingly reimagined and refined the poppy motif, epitomizing the finesse that once adorned textiles for Mughal royalty.

Her relentless pursuit of emulating the sophistication of bygone eras has earned her accolades from discerning aficionados worldwide. Notably, London's prestigious V&A Museum acquired her 'Atamsukh,' an exquisite, quilted Mughal coat adorned with her signature poppy blossoms, underscoring her ascendancy in the realm of heritage craftsmanship. Brigitte Singh's artistry not only revives a rich cultural heritage but also serves as a bridge between epochs, uniting the past and present through her intricate designs.

Top image: Traditional fabric printing in India. Source: kalcutta / Adobe Stock.

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