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The Ice Maiden, or Ukok Princess. Source: Kobsev / Public Domain.

The 'Curse' of Siberia's 2,500-Year-Old 'Ice Maiden' (Video)

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The discovery of the 2,500-year-old mummified remains of the 'Ukok Princess' in Siberia's frozen Ukok Plateau in 1993 was a remarkable archaeological find. While modern scientific techniques have shed light on her identity, cause of death, and her cultural importance, the story surrounding her has also taken on a mythical aura, with tales of a mysterious curse associated with her removal from her burial site. The 'Ice Maiden,' as she is commonly referred to, has captured the imagination of people worldwide. She is believed to have been a high-status individual, possibly a princess or priestess, given the elaborate burial rituals and grave goods accompanying her.

The scientific analysis of her remains has revealed fascinating details about her life, such as her age, physical characteristics, and the materials used in her clothing. However, the legends of a curse have added an air of intrigue to the Ice Maiden's story. According to these stories, those involved in the excavation and transportation of her remains faced a series of misfortunes, including accidents, illnesses, and even untimely deaths. While these incidents could be attributed to mere coincidence, they have contributed to the notion of a curse associated with disturbing the resting place of this ancient figure.

Top image: The Ice Maiden, or Ukok Princess. Source: Kobsev / Public Domain.

By Robbie Mitchell

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