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Flat earth in space. Source: Kevin Carden / Adobe Stock.

From Science to Conspiracy: The Flat Earth Movement (Video)


For centuries, it was commonly accepted that the Earth is a sphere. Ancient Greeks were among the first to come to this conclusion through empirical observations and reasoning. Since then, the idea that the Earth is a sphere has been validated by countless scientists through various methods such as satellite imagery and space exploration. However, in recent years, a growing number of individuals and groups have been promoting the idea that the Earth is actually flat.

This movement, known as the flat Earth movement, challenges the scientific consensus and has gained significant attention through social media and online communities. Despite the overwhelming evidence in favor of a spherical Earth, the flat Earth movement continues to gain momentum. Many worry that if a significant number of people reject scientific evidence and believe in alternative theories, it could lead to a breakdown in the acceptance of scientific facts and logic. This could have serious implications for everything from education to public policy.

Top image: Flat earth in space. Source: Kevin Carden / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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