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flat earth

Flat earth in space. Source: Kevin Carden / Adobe Stock.

From Science to Conspiracy: The Flat Earth Movement (Video)

For centuries, it was commonly accepted that the Earth is a sphere. Ancient Greeks were among the first to come to this conclusion through empirical observations and reasoning. Since then, the idea...
How did the Greeks Measure the Earth’s Circumference?

How did the Greeks Measure the Earth’s Circumference?

It is considered obvious today that Earth is roughly a sphere and that it can be measured like any spherical object. Scientists technically call it an oblate spheroid, but it is still sphere-like in...
 Flat Earth in space

Flat Wrong: The Misunderstood History of Flat Earth Theories

By Chris Fleming /The Conversation For most people, being described as a “flat Earther” is an insult. The idea of the Earth being flat is considered not only wrong, but a model of wrongness, the gold...
An ancient Egyptian ship. Sailors sent out by Pharaoh Necho II saw some of the first hints that the world is not flat.

When Sailors from Ancient Egypt Discovered the World is Not Flat, No One Listened

The first ship to sail around Africa left from Egypt sometime around 600 BC. Their only goal was to find another way to the straits of Gibraltar. But by watching the sky overhead, they discovered...
Deriv; Old Father Time and Ancient Ruins and Boeing 757-300, Galaxy

Thinking Critically about Time: A Cyclical View of Knowledge and Civilization

Many people think of time as linear. In other words, human beings begin ignorant, and as the ages progress, they become increasingly more advanced. However, various cultures worldwide perceive time...