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impression of Bar Kokhba by Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk Source: Arthur Szyk/CC BY-SA 4.0

Judaic Devastation: The Bar Kokhba Revolt’s Tragic Legacy (Video)


The Bar Kokhba Revolt of 132 AD had profound and enduring effects on Jews and Judaism. Firstly, it led to the shattering of Judaic society, with devastating consequences for Jewish communities. The systematic annihilation by the Romans resulted in widespread death, enslavement, and dispersion, marked by the massacre of civilians, including religious leaders like Rabbi Akiva.

The slaughter, described by Roman historian Cassius Dio, left nearly the entire region of Judea desolate, with villages razed and countless lives lost. Secondly, the revolt spelled the end of political independence for Jews. Despite initial successes, including the minting of Bar Kokhba coins and control over parts of Judea, the rebellion ultimately led to complete Roman subjugation.

The banishment of Jews from Jerusalem, the renaming of the city to Aelia Capitolina, and the construction of pagan temples underscored the loss of Jewish sovereignty. Moreover, the revolt temporarily dampened Jewish enthusiasm for messianic figures, following the failed leadership of Bar Kokhba, whose charismatic but ultimately disastrous rule left a lasting impact on Jewish messianism.

Finally, the aftermath saw the erasure of Jewish identity in Judea, symbolized by the renaming of the province to Palestina, laying the groundwork for the Jewish diaspora and future conflicts in the region. The enduring repercussions of this revolt continue to shape the modern Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Top image: impression of Bar Kokhba by Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk. Source: Arthur Szyk/CC BY-SA 4.0 

By Robbie Mitchell



The problems there today stem from those who the New Testament describes accurately as Jews who are not Jews but, rather, the Synagogue of Satan. Hamas leadership is not unrelated to the same Synagogue of Satan, which includes leadership from many faiths all pretending to be that which they are not.

The war in the Holy Land is Devil's chess, whereby the high-ranking pieces are kept safe, while the pawns are slaughtered. The pawns are the targets, not the kings.

It is naïve to merely think that the Jews of the Holy Land 1900 years ago were the direct ancestors of many of those of there today. It is also naïve to merely believe that because there is a war with apparently two sides that at the leadership level those two sides cannot actually be on the same side.

The Devil deceives and most have no clue how much they are deceived. Nor that the Devil even exists.

Much of history is false. Much of the news is false too.

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