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Amiens cathedral. Source:  Takashi Images / Adobe Stock.

Amiens Cathedral: Gothic Architecture in all its Glory (Video)

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Join a visual tour of Amiens Cathedral, a 13th-century Gothic masterpiece. The facade, intricate like delicate lace, boasts three grand doorways adorned with numerous figures.  The left portal narrates the story of a local saint venerated by the people of Amiens. On the right, the Virgin Mary, a powerful intercessor, takes center stage. In the center, Christ is presented in three different aspects. The Virgin Mary's portal is a work of elegance, with Mary holding the Christ child, standing triumphantly on a creature symbolizing evil. Above, an architectural tabernacle houses the Ark of the Covenant, flanked by patriarchs. The tympanum tells the story of the Dormition and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, culminating in her Coronation as the Queen of Heaven.

The cathedral's central portal showcases the Beau Dieu, a divine figure blessing the entrance. Christ stands on creatures symbolizing good overcoming evil. The tympanum emphasizes the Last Judgment, serving as a somber reminder of the consequences of life's choices. Inside, the high Gothic architecture creates a magnificent space. Elaborate clerestories with lancet windows and rose windows allow an abundance of spiritual light. Flying buttresses support the weight of the vaulting, demonstrating advanced engineering for its time. Pointed arches and ribbed groin vaults grant the cathedral remarkable height and space.

Top image: Amiens cathedral. Source:  Takashi Images / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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