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CORJAN MOL AND CHRISTOPHER MORFORD are the authors of the book The Jerusalem Files, the secret journey of the Menorah to Oak island (Watkins / Penguin Random House) available from Amazon.

CORJAN MOL is a Dutch entrepreneur and historical researcher, who has featured in several TV documentaries, including BBC’s Forbidden History series. He is a recurring cast member and researcher of the #1 rated American cable reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island.

CHRISTOPHER MORFORD is a 32nd degree Freemason, Gnostic Bishop, occult historian and restaurateur from South Carolina, who is a featured theorist and consulting researcher on The Curse of Oak Island reality TV show.


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Searching for the Knights of the Star and their giant pentagram. Source: Dada635 / Adobe Stock

The Knights of the Star and their Giant Sacred Pentagram in France

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