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Like many others born in the early depression years with childhood unsettled during the War years due to evacuation and frequent train journeys between north and south Malcolm couldn’t help but develop a taste for travel and an ear for other accents and other tongues. On VE day a whole year of High School in Harrow had passed and the goal was to join so many other names in gold letters on the large boards set high up in the School Hall that doubled as the Gym. When that was accomplished before the 1940’s were out, Cooks Tours made anyone armed with an Oxford University School Certificate very welcome to start a career in Travel which eventually included Shipping, Air and Tour companies. Following a short 3-year enlistment in the RAF with most of the time spent in Arabia, Australia beckoned. Upon return to Europe and already fluent in French, marriage into a French and Greek speaking Family in Turkey, a love for other languages grew stronger and stronger.  

It wasn’t until late in life and after retirement that I felt a need to learn to read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and that plus some incredible guidance from an unseen and unknown source opened my eyes to people and events that have long been misplaced both in time and in place in Bible and in History. Those mysterious concealed entities have not only pointed the way but most definitely need to be recognized for who they were and in at least one case, to be re-entombed under their rightful names.  

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