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Hieroglyphics Deciphering The Origin Of The One God

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It is not possible to genetically identify any person living or past as a Jew. Gerald Massey, a Victorian self-taught Egyptologist, researcher and author, explained it thus: “To follow the Jews as the AIU of Egypt in their world-wide dispersion, we shall have to think in continents rather than in Petticoat Lanes and Ghettos. The worshippers of IAO in Phoenicia, of IAU in Assyria, of IAO in Syria, IAU and HU in Britain, IA or ІU in Greece, Jupiter in Italy,  ІHO-ІHO in Polynesia and IAU in America were each and all of them Jews in a sense, but the sense was religious, not originally ethnical; and religion does not determine race any more than language does in later ages of the world. There was a religion of the god ІU or IAO in Egypt 13,000 years ago. That god was ATUM-IU, born son of PTAH. He was the earliest father in heaven because he was the divine RA in his primordial sovereignty. He is the god in two persons who was first figured as the sun upon the double horizon; the father in the west, the son in the east. “ 

Vulture stone with ‘baskets’. Pillar 43 (Public Domain)

Vulture stone with ‘baskets’. Pillar 43 (Public Domain)

Australasia, Göbekli Tepe And Egypt

There is no doubt now that there had to have once been a far-reaching civilization that encompassed the whole globe.   Evidence of this has arisen through Maori legends which claim that they helped build the pyramids some 49 jubilees ago, that is almost 17,000 years in the past and more so from their legend about ‘The Three Baskets of Knowledge’ which have in recent years emerged from the sands of time, as carvings on the head block of the Vulture Stone at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey.  That alone dates the Maori connection to the Fertile Crescent to some 12,000 years ago.  In this legend the name of the God known once to the Maori people was ‘IO’ which rings close to the Jewish God name, ‘IAH’ and the Sumerian God ‘EA’.

Further evidence of a civilization that did once recognize and know far off cultures, can be seen in the kangaroo with a joey in its pouch, on the Ancient Egyptian Two Dog Palette’ stone now in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and images of the Ancient Egyptian dwarf god, Bes which has the same threatening protruding tongue and facial lines of a Maori Warrior.


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 Malcolm Hutton is a retired travel agent and author of The Tutankhamen Code. He deciphers and interprets ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and unravels mysteries of Lost Civilizations.

Top Image: egypt, tomb, deir-el-medina, hieroglyphs, isis, horus, osiris, divinities, antique, culture (free photo)

By Malcolm Hutton



Calumy's picture

Hello Zuccini,

    Yes, I have enjoyed our little discussion as well, for every time I explain my findings it helps me get things straight in this old mind once more, and sometimes in going over old discoveries something I've missed in the past pops up.    

      And yes I was in the Royal Air Force for 3 years.  We still had conscription in the UK and when I was called up it was 2 years.   But I got talked into enlisting for 3 as the RAF interviewing officer made it so attractive, a months demob leave, double the salary, double the annual leave.    It was though one of the best decisions I ever made for the trained me as a touch typist and that skill has served me well throughout the rest of my life.

     I do have a good lengthy description of my R & R in Asmara, which at that time was very Italian, and the amazing flight to a land that was so much closer to Heaven.   We didn't have to descend to land, the mountainous terrain rose up beneath the Valetta's landing gear.    But it is just a bit too long to add to a comment here.

       When I wrote my novel “The Tutankhamen Code”  I naturally did what all authors do to begin their writing career, and so I worked in much of my life experiences.   There are a few pages in Chapter 5 set in Asmara.    My book is still available as an ebook on Amazon and Google Books. 

       A whole two years of my service was spent in Aden where I was stationed at the RAF Hospital, in the Orderly Room, some 500 feet up the side of one of the Barren 'Rock Mountains which made the humidity a little more bearable.  This was from March 1952 when the War in Korea was still going full blast.   My work was very much like that of Radar's in MASH.    Even my service number began with that same figure ‘407’.   And my Adjutant could well have been a living copy of Hawkeye.

   I wish you well in your research, but do always question everything you read, mine too.  In the many books I have read, there is always an error and some I've found have been so way off the mark.

   Cheers,  Malcolm

Hi Malcolm,

Thank you alright it's been exciting hope to read more of your articles but, I've noticed other exciting articles to read so till next time Goodbye wait a minute do you have more oral stories about Ethiopa and other places from the 50's in the Royal Air Force at least I hope that's what RAF stands for? Too me Oral Stories are even more exciting than sometimes reading a book.

Anyways this was exciting discussion I'm moving on to everyone else's articles and thank you for what you shared Goodbye.

Calumy's picture

Hello Zucchini,

   Well I have never heard of any link  of the KJV to a Swiss Bibe.  When I have time, I’ll investigate.     I am certain however that the Old Testament in the KJV came mainly from the Septuagint which was a translation make by the 72 some 2,300 years ago and supposedly from a previous Ancient Hebrew Text.     The very fact that the Septuagint has  a Book of Jesus in it from at least 2,300 years ago should tell you that it was the Egyptian Jesus stories that were used when the New Testament was plagiarised from the Ancient Egyptian Texts.

     I do have a copy of the Kebra Nagast on file and refer to it quite often as you may see when you get to read the story of the Missing Prince and the Missing Papyri.   But like all other bibles there are some terrible errors in its pages and one was pointed out by the translator Sir Wallis Budge many decades ago.    It is so obvious to anyone with a knowledge of Egyptian and Ethiopian geography and here is an extract made by Budge:

“   The KEBRA NAGAST tells us nothing about MENYELEK after his coronation, except that he carried on one or two campaigns against the enemies of his country, and the book is silent in respect of Queen MÂKĔDÂ'S history after her voluntary abdication.      The author …endeavours to prove that the kings of the MOABITES, PHILISTINES, EGYPTIANS, PERSIANS, BABYLONIANS and the BYZANTINES, are of Semitic origin.     The fantastic legends which he invented or reproduced contain much falsified history and bad philology…”

The reference to MenyElEk is interesting because this is a version of the Egyptian King’s name YMEN TWT ANKH.    Ymen is an honorific transposition of the name Meny.     EL was an Israeli Moon God as was TWT (which is Hebrew for DAVID).    The Kebra Nagast even tells us that Menyelek was also called ‘David’.    Ankh is Egyptian for Life or Living and the Bible so often hides it and uses words like ‘Onq’, ‘Ak’ and ‘Ek’

The Kebra Nagast goes on to tell us that Menyelek was the eldest son of Solomon and this is true, because Tutankhamen really was his eldest son – previously called Tutmose.    Budge in his introduction to the Kebra Nagast translation quotes a legend that has it that an Abyssinian lass called ‘Eteye Azeb’ married Solomon.   That too is true, only Egyptoloists mistranslate her name as simply ‘Tiye’ and Azeb is another syllable transposition for Zeba or Sheba.

I’m sorry but I cannot answer your question on the Egyptian figures in the glyphics as that image was picked out by Ancient Origins and not by myself.    I can read some of the  hieroglyphs but not enough is shown to give us any firm names.

The nearest I ever got to Ethiopia was Asmara in Eritrea which was for a short period occupied by Ethiopia.   That would have been just after I stayed for a couple of weeks in Asmara in September, 1952 at an R & R RAF camp.    One day we had to get up early as some Ethiopian General was calling to inspect the Camp.

The Kebra Nagast seems to follow much of what is in the KJV even using the names Rehoboam who was really Akhenaten and also later called Moses after he fled Egypt carrying some stolen Temple Treasures with only a handful of followers – so much for an Exodus of Two Million people and animals – nigh on the total population of 18th Dynasty Egypt, AND  Jeroboam who was the Pharaoh Horemheb Mery Ymn (Miriam).

You have to go back to the 4th century CE to see Bibles that had many more gospels, e.g. The Infancy of Jesus.     

The newly invented religion of Christianity led to so much bloodshed.   It wasn’t Christians who were persecuted by Romans.   It was the reverse.   From the 4th century to the 7th Century they sacked, and destroyed whole cities of the Hellenes in Asia Minor and massacred some TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE.

The Vatican have even got away with the part they played in the last Holocaust and you only have to do a search for ‘JASENOVAC, VATICAN, NAZI’ to learn what they did.   The Franciscan Brothers who ran the extermination camp at Jasenovac even horrified hardened Nazi’s.    If interested in this history then do look up the Reichskonkordat on the net – an agreement made between the Vatican in September 1933 and the mad man they were manipulating – they even helped him escape to South America as has been well shown in the documentary ‘Hunting Hitler’.    This is of interest in this forum because the Secret Archives of the Vatican do still have many of the books that have been kept from public view.

Hi Malcolm,

I became aware that there are other Bible's out there not just King James and NIV Bible but, the one I'm really interested in is Ethiopia for They have a Bible; whereas, James Bible and NIV Bible all have 66 Book's and the Catholic Bible 78 Book's Ethiopia has 86 Books in its Scriptures including Enoch and Jubilees.

Why Ethiopia?

It's older than Europe's Bible's in theory King James Bible was supposed to have been modeled after the Swiss Bible but James was jealous of its continual usage with the people so he ordered mass production of the King James Bible now know one can find the Swiss Reformers Bible anywhere so that leaves the Ethiopian Bible.

One question who are those Egyptian figures in the glyphics?

Calumy's picture

I would just like to add that genders are only necessary in what we believe to be the Reality we see all around us so that evolution can take place and eventually form every form of life in the best possible way to maintain survival.     I know from much worldly experience as well as spiritual insights that there are no genders in 'Heaven’.     Just the very fact that a soul's gender often changes from male to female or vice versa in many reincarnations tells us that we only appear as male or female in that other world because that is the way we want to look like, once we pass over.

but is more likely a black hole projection a the late Michael Talbot explained it in his 'The Holographic Universe’ or one of the inifinite possibilities we learn about in Quantum Mechanics.    

One good reason why we should question everything we read whether Bible, book or magazine such as this one, is that elders were always terrified of losing adherents when they did question.    When you are told you have to believe or you won't get admission upstairs or will go to Hell, that is simply an empty threat.   There is no place such as the Hell of Burning Fires.   But there is Kharma and there is a need for new learning, so reincarnation is most necessary.    Kharma could land the sinner into a very unpleasant rebirth in the most dreadful conditions on Earth.   For racists I believe that they are always reincarnated into a culture that they once denigrated in whatever manner.

The bible teaches its followers not to listen to soothsayers or fortune tellers, so why?   It is so very obvious.    Those Wise People tell truth which the Bible strays from throughout the many pages.

By all means read many books including Bible, Koran, Buddhist teachings or anything else that isn't religious.    In doing so we must always have an open mind and remember that the teachings that come to us are given not by divinely inspired scribes, but by those who have a secret agenda.

Listen to the Hierophant but always question.



Calumy's picture


I am a retired Travel Agent who has studied many languages, history and sciences.    I wrote my novel The Tutankhamen Code to use fiction as a way to attract readers to the true facts of Egyptian and Biblical History.   It... Read More

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