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Harvey Kraft

Harvey Kraft is an American author, and a Spiritual Archeologist adept at interpreting ancient mythic language. Mr. Kraft’s new alternative biography of the historical Buddha titled The Buddha from Babylon is the culmination of 15 years of research into the Buddha’s lifetime and enlightened visions. The book is this year's double winner of the USA Best Book Awards for Eastern Religions and Non-fiction World History.

Earlier in his professional career he has been a business owner, creative director, marketing executive, tech innovator, designer and writer. Today he is focused on writing, speaking and providing breakthrough thought leadership derived from ancient visionary history. His goal is to raise modern awareness of advanced ancient wisdom that he hopes would inspire people to evolve to higher consciousness.

Sixteen years ago he lost his 23-year-old daughter after a heart operation, and since then he has dedicated his life and teachings in her honor.

The Buddha from Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama


Literary Recognition:

"The Buddha from Babylon" is a DOUBLE WINNER of the prestigious USA Best Book Awards (Dec. 2014) in these two categories:
History - World (nonfiction) --
Religion - Eastern Religions --

The 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival Awards (Mar. 2015) has recognized "The Buddha from Babylon" for Honorable Mention in TWO categories: Spiritual and General Non-Fiction books.

Full list of winners:

Amazon Reader Reviews:


SelectBooks, Inc. (NY)

"The history of the Buddha is compelling. To know the truth of where and how Buddhism all began still holds mystery...The Buddha from Babylon could be the answer to many questions... This is a fascinating and hugely informative read."
— Mariel Hemingway, actor and producer

"Without being divisive or declaratory, The Buddha from Babylon seemsto want us to connect with the Buddha who truly knew humanity, and therefore truly knew alternate chapter in the much-studied and worshiped life of the great spiritual sage...respectfully probing at revered writings...will provoke spirited debate...blends historical fact and rich prose like the spinning of empyrean silk...offers an engrossing review of the Buddha’s life and wisdom."
— Foreword Reviews by Meg Nola

The Buddha from Babylon appears at a critical time.… Turning common understanding of who Buddha is on its head, I believe, this is the most comprehensively written and researched piece intertwining cosmic, religious and political history. As essentially a theory of everything, this seminal work offers interfaith scholars and spiritual activists a new understanding of Buddha’s role, our origin, our interconnectedness and thus the transformational strategies we need to truly shape our shared future."
— Wanda Krause, PhD, and author of Spiritual Activism: Keys to Personal and Political


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