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E. B. Ralbadisole

Having started out life in Italy, Eugenio was in a group of motorcycle folks until around

25 years old when he left for Japan where he spent some time in a Buddhist temple studying. He started worshipping Mountains, Seas and Stars and at the age of 45 had a revelation of an ancient society living a long time ago. He wrote a book, Quando dio no era solo , which is available here .

His travels continued until today when he is living in Indonesia. During meditation he decided to go to India for the first time where the theory of Atlantis began, then went back a second time where his investigations continue and is a work on progress.


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Ancient town ruins. Underwater background. Was Atlantis actually in India?

Atlantis in India: Did Plato’s Lost City Exist in the East?

Available written evidence indicates that a site known as ‘The Lost City of Atlantis’ corresponds to an ancient site in India that has been hidden for millennia. According to this investigation,...