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David Icke, born in Leicester in 1952, a former Professional Footballer, BBC TV Sports Presenter, Green Party Spokesman who since the early 1990's has been considered one of the World's most controversial writers and speakers. David's Books and Events are read and attended by thousands of people all over the World. The spectrum of subjects David covers ranging from the Nature of Reality, Geo-Politics, Alternative Health and so much more. A man who the mainstream media declare and mad and dangerous has written a stream of books since the early 90's that have proved to be extraordinary accurate in predicting the World events of today. David wrote about 911, 2008 Banking Crash, Transhumanism, World War 3 involving Russia and China against the West, The Migrant Crisis, the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq hoax years before they came to light, it does make you beg the question. What else has he been write about? And what is he saying now? Visit


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