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Giancarlo Pavat is an Italian writer and researcher. Born in 1967 in Trieste in northern Italy, he is a historical researcher for a national Museum in Rome. He completed classical studies at the Liceum Classico "Dante Alighieri" in Trieste and law at the Lateran University in Rome. He deals with the mysteries of history and art. He collaborates with museums, institutions and cultural organizations. In 2014 was the advisor and coordinator of the "Premio Nazionale Cronache del Mistero".

He is author and co-author of ten books and several articles including: Gotland: Journey into the Labyrinth. Pavat is a leading Italian expert on labyrinths and organized several trips and expeditions on the North Sea, in Scandinavia and the Baltic, to search for ancient labyrinths. In 2012 he was awarded the "“Riconoscimento Speciale Terra Incognita. Per la scienza oltre la scienza”, for his research on the fresco of "Christ in the Labyrinth" of Alatri. He is a mountaineer, speleologist and a diver.


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