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Representational image representing a UFO flying over Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. Source: fergregory / Adobe Stock

UFO Author Will Lead Exploration of Rendlesham Forest Encounters Site

One of the most celebrated and debated UFO incidents of all time took place in Rendlesham Forest near Suffolk, England just after Christmas in 1980. United States Air Force personnel stationed at two...
NFT Image from 1947 Alien Autopsy Film For Sale for $1 Million

NFT Image from 1947 Alien Autopsy Film For Sale for $1 Million

A most extraordinary online auction is currently in progress , at the digital art auction house Rarible. Up for sale is an NFT (non-fungible token) image taken from an alleged 68-year-old alien...
CIA Document Dump Reveals 70 Years Of US Government UFO Info

CIA Document Dump Reveals 70 Years Of US Government UFO Info

“What does the U.S. government really know about UFOs and for how long have they known it?” Ufologists and UFO experiencers have been asking these questions for decades, and it seems that answers are...
UFO landing in the forest at night: This is the story of the Rendlesham Forest UFO sightings!   Source: dottedyeti / Adobe Stock

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings: An Unresolved Enquiry

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident is without question one of the strangest tales, defined by considerable evidence and also serious questions. On...
300 million-year-old screw

Is this a 300 million-year-old screw or just a fossilized sea creature?

A Russian research team known as the Kosmopoisk Group, which investigates UFOs and paranormal activity, claims to have found a one-inch screw embedded inside a rock that is 300 million years old...
10,000-year-old rock paintings depict UFOs and extra-terrestrials - Charama India

10,000-year-old rock paintings depict UFOs and extra-terrestrials, claims archaeologist

The State Department of Archaeology and Culture in Chhattisgarh, India, is seeking assistance from the Indian Space Research Organisation to research a set of ancient rock paintings found inside...
UFO Disclosure Washington

Unprecedented Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Presence to take place in Washington

On 29 th April to 3 rd May, an unprecedented event will take place in Washington – the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race (CHD). The purpose is to...
Evidence Aliens lived on Earth

Is there written evidence that Aliens may have lived on Earth in Ancient times?

In Asian mythology and ancient stories, there are many references to flying machines and other vehicles in the air. Especially in Chinese, Indian and Korean traditions those references are plenty, as...
UFO Documentary Alien Android

Humanoid images and more to be revealed in UFO documentary in April

A documentary by Dr Steven M. Greer , who is founder of The Disclosure Project and The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), will be released on the 22 nd of April, revealing...