Evidence Aliens lived on Earth

Is there written evidence that Aliens may have lived on Earth in Ancient times?


In Asian mythology and ancient stories, there are many references to flying machines and other vehicles in the air. Especially in Chinese, Indian and Korean traditions those references are plenty, as Dr Benjamin B. Oshin suggests.

One of the most famous such references is the Vimanas, which is a term used to describe a flying machine in Ancient Hindu texts, the Vedas. They are described as circular aircrafts with a central dome and windows all around. Many other different shapes are also described.

The Gods of the Vedas had gigantic flying cities, many times describing wars between the Gods and their cities, mighty Gods and powerful weapons.

The similarities between the Vimanas as described in the texts and recent references to UFOs are remarkable and make you wonder if that is just a coincidence.

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I think they were powered by our mental ability for happiness and to combat evil and to create something better in the world

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