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Thor’s fight with the Giants, by Mårten Eskil Winge. (Public domain)

10 Supernatural Powers from the Deities of World Mythology

There is nothing as colorful as all the various mythologies of our world. From Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas, both ancient and modern cultures and civilizations envisioned and sculpted...
A closeup of Kratos the Greek god of strength, might and power as depicted in the popular video-game series God of War. Source: Matteo Pedrini / CC BY-SA 2.0

Kratos: The ‘Cruel’ Greek God of Strength and Power

Greek mythology is full of gods and goddesses, heroes, and deities who play roles in countless stories of love, courage, and redemption. From Zeus to Heracles, the Greek heroes and gods are iconic...
Cambridge Women’s Crew, The Cancer Research UK Women's Boat Race 2017

Hard-Working Prehistoric Women Had Stronger Arms Than Modern Elite Athletes

The first study to compare ancient and living female bones shows that women from early agricultural eras had stronger arms than the rowers of Cambridge University’s famously competitive boat club...
The King of Beasts That Have Witnessed the Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations

The King of Beasts That Have Witnessed the Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations

Lions are often said to be the kings of all animals. They are also a symbol of power and popular archetypes for influential rulers. Most civilizations have depicted these regal animals in their...
A scene on the west wall of the Osiris Hall at Abydos shows the raising of the Djed pillar.

Zep Tepi and the Djed Mystery: Backbone of Osiris - Part I

The Djed, by its very nature, is one of the highest mysteries in the Ancient Egypt history. It was built in the core of the so-called Cheops pyramid, just off the King Chamber, perfectly integrated...
Agrippina and Germanicus (Rubens), 1614.

Germanicus and Agrippina: The Golden Couple, Parents of the “Mad” Emperor Caligula

Roman Emperor Caligula fell severely ill six months into his rule. When he recovered, he abandoned the toga for silk gowns and often dressed as a woman. He also declared himself as a living god...