Images of the step pyramid.

A Shift in the Birthplace of Chinese Civilization? Pyramid Structure Emerges in Buried Bronze Age City

A recent discovery at a ruined city in north-west China has amazed archaeologists and other experts. Researchers at the Bronze Age archaeological site of Shimao have identified a large step pyramid...
Part of the Shimao ruins in China.

Shimao City Ruins: This Massive Prehistoric Site Rewrites Chinese History

It took almost two years of surveying, exploring, and excavating, but it was worth it for archaeologists in China – the long days and months helped them confirm the discovery of the largest...
Sacrificial Altar in China

Sacrificial altar uncovered in ancient Neolithic city in China

Archaeologists have uncovered a number of altar relics , including jade artefacts and pits for offerings, at the Shimao ruins, a Neolithic city in China. The findings suggest a religious culture at...