Carving in Chislehurst Caves.

Were the Chislehurst Caves Originally Created By Druids?

The Chislehurst Caves are a series of subterranean tunnels , man-made rooms, and caverns located in the southeastern part of Greater London . Although the history of the caves stretches back much...
In the Heliand, Jesus wasn’t a dark-skinned Palestinian but a Germanic chieftain. Hans Zatzka

The Heliand: A Germanic Account of Jesus Written to Suit the Saxon World

One thing that can be said about the history of Christianity is that it has always been multicultural and multi-ethnic. Christianity is not tied to any one ethnic group or cultural tradition but has...
The recently discovered ancient route associated with the Battle of Fulford. (Chas Jones)

Ancient Route of Famous Anglo-Viking Battle Unearthed in England

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient road and route along which Saxon troops retreated in 1066 when they were defeated by a Viking army in the Battle of Fulford. The finding has provided new...
Butter Churn from the Saxon Period, found at Norton Bridge.

Saxon butter churn found in Staffordshire sheds light on life in Mercian Kingdom

Archaeologists working on the site of a rail improvement project in the UK have discovered the lid of a butter churn from the Saxon period. The discovery of a wooden object at Norton Bridge, reported...