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AI image of Anglo-Saxon soldiers fighting in battle. Source: Sarah/Adobe Stock

How Violent Were the Anglo-Saxons Really? (Video)

The Anglo-Saxons , comprised of diverse tribes such as the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, arrived in Britain during the 5th century, following the decline of Roman influence. While historical narratives...
The Saxons spread across Europe from the 4th century, settling nearly every corner of the continent, here portrayed clashing with Vikings. Source: Justinas/Adobe Stock

The Saxon Conquest of Europe, and a Christian Conquest of Saxons

Anyone familiar with European history will have heard of the Saxons. Originally a Germanic tribe from the North Sea coast of the Netherlands, over the centuries they spread across Europe like...
The First Meeting of Vortigern and Rowena/ Renwein painted by William Hamilton (Public Domain)

The Shadowy Reign of Vortigern, The King Who Gave Away Britain

Vortigern was a semi-mythical fifth century king most famous for inviting the Saxons to Britain to help him vanquish the invading Picts of Scotland. A disagreement compelled the Saxons to break their...
An imaginary depiction of Cerdic of Wessex from John Speed's 1611 "Saxon Heptarchy." Source: John Speed / Public domain

The Question of Ancient Kings: Cerdic of Wessex, First Saxon King of England?

Historians of the ancient world face a myriad of challenges when studying the past. Centuries of legends and myths become intertwined with recorded facts, leaving behind a complex web of mystery...
Medieval tapestry in Ecouen Castle, Ecouen, France. Source: photogolfer / Adobe Stock.

Ancient Artists Left Signs For us to Decode. Did they Witness UFOs?

Did ancient artists leave us clear signs of otherworldly interference in our lives and in our culture? Art can be considered a record of history, culture, and science as it reveals man in his many...
Carving in Chislehurst Caves.

Were the Chislehurst Caves Originally Created By Druids?

The Chislehurst Caves are a series of subterranean tunnels , man-made rooms, and caverns located in the southeastern part of Greater London . Although the history of the caves stretches back much...
In the Heliand, Jesus wasn’t a dark-skinned Palestinian but a Germanic chieftain. Hans Zatzka

The Heliand: A Germanic Account of Jesus Written to Suit the Saxon World

One thing that can be said about the history of Christianity is that it has always been multicultural and multi-ethnic. Christianity is not tied to any one ethnic group or cultural tradition but has...
The recently discovered ancient route associated with the Battle of Fulford. (Chas Jones)

Ancient Route of Famous Anglo-Viking Battle Unearthed in England

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient road and route along which Saxon troops retreated in 1066 when they were defeated by a Viking army in the Battle of Fulford. The finding has provided new...
Butter Churn from the Saxon Period, found at Norton Bridge.

Saxon butter churn found in Staffordshire sheds light on life in Mercian Kingdom

Archaeologists working on the site of a rail improvement project in the UK have discovered the lid of a butter churn from the Saxon period. The discovery of a wooden object at Norton Bridge, reported...