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Daniela Giordano

At age nineteen she won the "Miss Italy" beauty contest in 1966. Afterwards she travelled to the United States (New York, Boston, and Philadelphia) and to Canada (Montreal) to fulfil her engagements. She was featured in interviews on American TV and as a model appearing in numerous advertising forms, working also for some of the international firms that had sponsored the beauty contest.

Returning to Italy, she soon began her career as a leading actress in movies, the theatre, and on Italian National television. She lived in Rome for almost 20 years, and was featured in 40 films , most of them in co-production with other foreign companies. During the peak of her career she worked in many countries across the world, including Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, retiring from acting in 1984.

Additionally, from very early on and throughout her acting career, Daniela has worked as a freelance journalist for Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines . She has always been interested in parapsychology and avant-garde research about UFOs and other unusual and unexplained phenomena.

Due to various conferences in London and Paris, which she attended by invitation from the International ORB Foundation, she has been able to introduce parapsychology into some Italian medical circles.

In 1996, Daniela co-wrote a treatise with an Associate Professor in mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, which was published privately by the authors in Polish, English and Italian. The treatise examines the scientific-technological approach to understanding ancient and recent artifacts of unknown origin related to possible sightings or contacts with UFOs.

In 1999, she won the first prize of the Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award, a contest promoted by the Foundation for UFO Research in Washington, D.C., with the article titled, “UFOs in the History of Arts.” The winning article has been published in an Italian magazine devoted to astronomical and scientific research, as well as in some international magazines such as Fate in the United States, and The Arts Magazine of Singapore. It has also been included in a volume by the Greenhaven Press’s Contemporary Issue Companion Series for American high school students. Finally, the same article was the subject of feature stories in both the Miami Sun and the Herald Tribune of Florida, as well as on TV on the History Channel.

She was also enrolled on the Italian Special List of Journalists as the Director and Publisher of UFO-Express, a monthly bulletin (closed after 14 years), which was published in collaboration with UFO News Clipping Service , Arkansas, USA, and translated by Daniela and her husband into four languages (English, French, German and Spanish).

Additionally, Daniela has worked as organizer of exhibition and sales in art fields (e.g., paintings, drawings and sculpture), as a manager with an import-export commercial office, and for two years as Europe Account Director for Flying Adventures , an American magazine targeting tourist destinations. Lastly, she worked for 18 years in an office in Palermo, Sicily, which deals with advertising sites in the airports. She was responsible for the advertising display of Italian clients in international airports around the world. She is now retired and paints oil canvas.

Last year her book came out focused on her film career: Io, Daniela 


From Cinema to Cutting-Edge Research, From UFOs To Pyramids:
The Life of An Unusual Woman Changed by Encounters with The Impossible

Tre vite in Una Copertina flessibile

By Daniela Giordano
Edited by Karyn Langhorne Folan

To Emilio
and ... anyone who might be interested

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