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Aerial view of the Saudi Arabian mustatil excavated for the study. Source: Kennedy et al. - PLOS ONE / CC-BY 4.0

The Cult, Pilgrimage – and Herding Past of a Saudi Arabian Mustatil

Within the desolate landscape of Saudi Arabia lie massive rectangular structures known as the mustatil . Dating back to the Late Neolithic era, researchers believe they were once used for ritualistic...
Human sacrifice remains found in South Moravia, Czech Republic.      Source: Archaia Brno

Suspected Human Sacrifices Unearthed Beneath Medieval Castle

Three skeletons believed to have been murdered as part of human sacrifice rites have been discovered within the foundations of a 1,000-year-old castle in South Moravia. Břeclav is a town in the South...
Main: The Church of St Botolph (‘the demon church’), Skidbrooke.       Source: Dave Hitchborne / CC BY-SA 2.0. Inset: Burning flames on a pentagram/satanic symbol. Source: Sunshine Seeds / Adobe stock

13th Century ‘Demon Church’ Attacked With Satanic Black Magic Rituals

A 13th century English church, notoriously ‘the demon church’, is being defended by the Church of England who assure historic prayers will stop black magic rituals being performed inside. Modern...
Eketorp Fort in Sweden

Eketorp Fort in Sweden

Stora Alvaret, home to the Eketorp Fort, is a barren limestone terrace found in the southern half of the island of Öland, Sweden. The area of this formation exceeds 100 square miles (260 square...
Mistaken Identity? Mosaic in Israel Purported to Show Alexander the Great, but Some Not So Sure

Mistaken Identity? Mosaic in Israel Purported to Show Alexander the Great, but Some Not So Sure

According to , archaeologists have discovered an interesting and unusual mosaic at the Huqoq archaeological site west of the Sea of Galilee. The most recent and most...
Sacrificial Altar in China

Sacrificial altar uncovered in ancient Neolithic city in China

Archaeologists have uncovered a number of altar relics , including jade artefacts and pits for offerings, at the Shimao ruins, a Neolithic city in China. The findings suggest a religious culture at...