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Main: The Church of St Botolph (‘the demon church’), Skidbrooke.       Source: Dave Hitchborne / CC BY-SA 2.0. Inset: Burning flames on a pentagram/satanic symbol. Source: Sunshine Seeds / Adobe stock

13th Century ‘Demon Church’ Attacked With Satanic Black Magic Rituals

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A 13th century English church, notoriously ‘the demon church’, is being defended by the Church of England who assure historic prayers will stop black magic rituals being performed inside.

Modern Satanists have repeatedly broken into the Grade-I listed St Botolph’s Church, Skidbrooke, in Lincolnshire in England, to act out black magic rituals and rites. According to an article in the The Telegraph, Martin Chapman, a local farmer said witches “slit the throats of animals and play with Ouija boards” inside the church. But now, the Church of England engages with the situation saying “previous prayers will stop the site absorbing evil energies.”

A Paradise Of Paranormal Activity in the ‘Demon Church’

St Botolph’s Church, Skidbrooke, is isolated in the Lincolnshire marshlands about 7 miles (11 km) northeast of Louth. Dating from the early 13th century, the south arcade was built circa AD 1400 and has thick stone columns on bases several feet high. The tower arch is in perpendicular style, while the nave arcades are Early English with wide, slender arches, topped with wonderfully crafted column capitals.

According to a 2011 article on Britain Express, Skidbrooke has long been the subject of much local publicity due to repeated reports of “paranormal activity”. Visitors reported seeing a spectral monk-like figure, odd lights and they thought they had heard storm sounds in calm weather, especially at night. Subsequently, the church became popular with groups of Satanists in the 1970’s and 80’s when it was dubbed ‘the demon church’.

The nave inside St. Botolph's Church (‘the demon church’) in Skidbrooke. (Michael Garlick / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The nave inside St. Botolph's Church (‘the demon church’) in Skidbrooke. (Michael Garlick / CC BY-SA 2.0)

May The Protagonist Take To The Stage

Martin Chapman, 72, can be described as a “local spiritual super-hero” and has taken it upon himself to come after the Satanists, clearing up their seedy residues. Mr. Chapman told The Telegraph that on Friday nights he has come into direct contact with the satanic trespassers as they descend on the church to perform their rituals and that their ritualized vandalism includes medieval occult symbols being drawn on the walls and old tombstones being pushed over and smashed in the surrounding graveyard. 

Moreover, the blood from sacrificed chickens has been sprayed all over the walls and altar of the old Lincolnshire church, according to The Telegraph article. Here, at the halfway mark of the article the bridging question has to be: how on Earth can this possibly still be happening since it all began back in the 1970’s, over 40 years ago?

Seclusion Is The Crux Of The Problem

The medieval church was deliberately located in a hard to reach isolated area, a remoteness which at the time enhanced the spiritual nature of the building, but today these location dynamics make the church vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, it has lain empty not having been used for Christian worship for 30 years. Back in 2004, the BBC interviewed the Rector of Louth, Canon Stephen Holdaway, who said Satanists desecrate the church by “painting pillars black and having animal sacrifices there,” marking the stonework with “black satanic symbols” and leaving remains of “dead animals” nearby.

And still today, according to Mr. Chapman, groups of “serious witches”, who are mostly women, make rings of candles and salt, kill chickens and fearlessly smash graves. But now it’s time for the Satanists to start worrying, because when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Justine Allain Chapman, Archdeacon of Boston, has said that the church will be fine, because “God’s blessing is stronger than any curse, and light more powerful than darkness.” She also said, after consulting with members of the Church of England’s hierarchy, “the holiness” of previous congregations would protect the structure from “evil energy because they have been saturated with the prayers of people down the ages.”

But, but, but… Ms. Archdeacon, why then has this church been continually vandalized for over 40 years? Might God not see to it that, rather than spending tens of thousands of pounds cleaning up the church after every attack, those funds are diverted into the procurement of a motion activated CCTV system? With small cameras installed high-up inside the church and hidden in the nearest forest carparks, lay byes and high in trees covering the surrounding fields, Satanists might think twice, and consequently, God can then spend his blessings on other, more pressing issues.

Chickens, Cows And Sheep Are All Being Sacrificed 

In the stark light of day, the Church of England’s ‘blessings-based’ defenses are no more than useless, for only in December last year The Telegraph reported on Satanists rampaging through the New Forest National Park on a killing frenzy, “stabbing sheep and cattle,” and the bodies of the dead creatures were then desecrated by the occultists who sprayed pentagrams and the number ‘666’ on their faces. Furthermore, a church in St Peter’s civil parish was also vandalized with an inverted cross sprayed over its doors. So perhaps, when neglecting to protect this area is causing such escalation, the CCTV option might be plausible? A real eye the sky…

The killing of sheep found in the UK have been blamed on Satanists. (Source: LoloStock / Adobe Stock)

The killing of sheep found in the UK have been blamed on Satanists. (Source: LoloStock / Adobe Stock)

While reading an article such as this with a purely vile core there is maybe a part of you that hopes these repugnant acts are being carried out by ‘just kids’, but Reverend David Bacon told The Telegraph in November last year “while it could just be kids, I don't think it is, given the context.” The reverend said, “witchcraft and black magic” has been around New Forest for hundreds of years, but “this has obviously gone up a level.”

And the question arises: what more has to happen before affirmative and temporal action is taken by the Church of England. It would be no good for such an institution only to care for its properties that generate hard cash, and to neglect those abandoned historic money-mills that today pepper the English countryside, being attacked by the number-one enemy of the church: hordes of Satan’s disciples.

Top image: Main: The Church of St Botolph (‘the demon church’), Skidbrooke.       Source: Dave Hitchborne / CC BY-SA 2.0. Inset: Burning flames on a pentagram/satanic symbol. Source: Sunshine Seeds / Adobe stock

By Ashley Cowie

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Ashley is a Scottish historian, author, and documentary filmmaker presenting original perspectives on historical problems in accessible and exciting ways.

He was raised in Wick, a small fishing village in the county of Caithness on the north east coast of... Read More

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