Priest hole in the cupboard of Harvington Hall, Worcestershire

Hiding to Avoid Hanging: Priest Holes, Hidden Chambers, and Secret Passages

Under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, which began in 1558, Catholics were persecuted by law and priests were imprisoned, tortured, and frequently executed. As a result of this oppression,...
Swords in Rock monument in Hafrsfjord, Norway.

Was a Sword Retrieved from a Lake in Norway Used for Executions?

A sword that has been pulled from a lake by two diving enthusiasts in Norway could have been used for executions, experts have claimed. The 500-year-old blade was dragged from one of Norway’s largest...
Romanian Postage stamp design 1989 with Conrad Hass, Austrian military engineer with an early rocket design.

Conrad Haas’ Flying Javelin: Yes, It Is 16th Century Rocket Science

Conrad Haas was a military engineer who lived during the 16 th century. Not much is known for certain about Haas’ life, in fact, he was largely forgotten by history. But this changed in 1961, when a...
Drinking Horn by Brynjólfur Jónsson of Skarð, South Iceland – 1598

Icelandic Drinking Horn Changes Our Historic Understanding of Saint Olav

After the Reformation, Norway's Olav Haraldsson was no longer supposed to be worshipped as a saint. An Icelandic drinking horn offers some clues on how the saint's status changed over time. Drinking...
Images merging text from both sides of the paper in a 1535 Latin Bible. Portrait of Henry VIII (1537-1547) by the workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger.

Secret Notes Found Hidden in a Bible Reveal Unexpected Details on the Reformation of Henry VIII

Hidden annotations in England’s first printed Bible, published in 1535, show there was a short transition period between the Catholic era in England and the Reformation that violently transformed...