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Prehistoric Art

The Creswell Horsehead. Source: Trustees of the British Museum / CC by SA 4.0.

The Cresswell Horsehead: The Oldest Art Ever Found in Britain (Video)

The Cresswell Horsehead stands as a significant archaeological discovery, representing the oldest example of art found in Britain. This ancient artifact, dating back to the end of the Ice Age over 11...
Chauvet cave art. Source: Claude Valette / CC by SA 4.0.

Mimicking the Ancients: France’s Chauvet Cave Replica (Video)

Deep in the hills of Southern France, concealed from public access, lies the remarkable Chauvet cave , adorned with ancient artwork dating back 30,000 years. With its exquisite cave paintings ,...
The Lascaux Taurus, with the Pleiades on its back. Source: Author provided

Dating Lascaux Art by Precession

I did not realize until recently, that there may be some astrological imagery within the magnificent Stone Age paintings in the Lascaux Cave complex, in the Dordogne region of France. But although I...
Charcoal drawings from the Chauvet Cave in France, fabulous examples of artwork created by the Aurignacians. (Claude Valette / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Aurignacians: The First Artistic Culture?

Since the evolution of Homo sapiens approximately 1.8 million years ago, humans have advanced in many aspects of life, especially art. According to historians, the earliest record of humans engaging...
Left; Danigala Chithra Lena, Sri Lanka Petroglyphs - Linear chamber entrance and left wall representing sections of the Petroglyphs, includes anthropomorphic figures, Image © EASL | CCF-Polonnaruwa. Right; Left side wall at the middle of linear chamber representing anthropomorphic figures like human and bind code of mastermind.  Image © EASL | CCF-Polonnaruwa

Exo-Geologist Reveals Neolithic Petroglyphs In “Alien Mountain” Caves

A highly-driven and groundbreaking Astrobiologist & Exo-Geologist in Sri Lanka has written about “unique Neolithic petroglyphs” that match nothing else ever discovered on Sri Lanka, carved on...
Panel 2, graphic unit 3, which has been affected by calcite formations and humidity   Source: Blanca Ochoa et al. / Antiquity Publishers Ltd

40,000-Year-Old Cave Art Fills Basque Country Void

New cave paintings discovered in northern Spain date back 40,000 years and demonstrating two distinct artistic styles. According to a new paper published by lead author Blanca Ochoa, in journal...
Mammoth Cave National Park

Ancient Expressions: The World’s Oldest Works of Prehistoric Art

Creating abstractions of reality, art has been a part of human expression for hundreds of thousands of years. Prehistoric stone and bone sculptures, and cave art are ideas and emotions expressed...