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Statue of Robin Hood.  Source: Lucian Milasan/Adobe Stock

Secrets of Sherwood: Was Robin Hood a Real Person? (Video)

The quest to ascertain the historical authenticity of Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw of English folklore, is akin to untangling a web of historical fragments and oral traditions. The historical...
Representation of Bulla Felix, who could be part of the inspiration for the English Robin Hood legend. Source: Deivison/Adobe Stock

The Legend of Bulla Felix: The Robin Hood of Rome

Few individuals have gone down as greatly in ancient Roman history as Bulla Felix. Bulla Felix was a famous ancient Roman bandit who lived during the 2nd century AD. Though his real name was unknown...
King Ludd, the leader of the Luddites. Source: Public domain

Calling Someone a Luddite Isn't Actually an Insult

Historically Luddites have gotten a bad wrap since the use of the word exploded as a belittling term for clumsy “Neanderthal technophobes” in the 1960s. Unfortunately for the Luddites, the way its...
The little-known medieval hero known as Hereward the Wake. Source: Kathy / Adobe Stock

Hereward the Wake – Original Robin Hood or Fictional Medieval Hero?

Famous legendary figures like King Arthur and Robin Hood have one foot planted in fact and one firmly planted in fiction. This is also true for Hereward the Wake, an Anglo-Saxon nobleman who helped...
Where's the evidence for Robin Hood?

Why is the Evidence for Robin Hood as Elusive as the Man Himself?

The historic existence of the legendary English hero who ‘stole from the rich and gave to the poor’ is a perennial source of debate. Every few years, new evidence emerges of authenticity and possible...
Noble bandit of the forest. Credit: Fotokvadrat / Adobe Stock

The Noble Bandit Fulk FitzWarin and His Fight for Whittington Castle

George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of books is a thrilling portrayal of the lives and intrigues of medieval lords, and it gained notoriety for its realism and complexity. But do we...
King Robert the Bruce.

Dr Watson Provides Proof That Scotland’s Legendary King Robert The Bruce Was English Born!

A controversial new history book called Traitor, Outlaw, King, written by eminent medieval historian Dr Fiona Watson, a former lecturer of history at Stirling University with a PhD from the...
Depiction of Surtr – a powerful fire giant mentioned in the Viking age.

A Viking Flame Reborn: Myths and History Hidden in the Depths of Blackener's Cave

Forged by the mythological fires of Muspell, the Blackener's Cave lives up to its name as a cavern of fiery mystique. The volcano to which the cave is attached has long been silent, but Blackener...
James Woodford’s statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham, England

Robin Hood: Too Good to Be True - A Real Folk Hero or a Romantic Embellishment?

Robin Hood is arguably one of the best-known figures in English folklore. Today, he is generally portrayed as an outlaw dressed in Lincoln green who ‘robbed from the rich to give to the poor’. Now a...
Robin Hood

Unravelling the Identity of the Real Robin Hood

Robin Hood is perhaps one of the most iconic English heroes. His ethos of ‘robbing from the rich and giving to the poor’ has endeared him to many, as he is seen as a figure who fought for the...