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The Great Pyramid - Star Shaft

The Star-Shaft Theory of the Great Pyramid - Busted

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Many Moons ago a theory was proposed, which claimed that the small shafts inside the Great Pyramid pointed towards certain stars in the night sky. Furthermore, because the position of these stars changes with the changing millennia, due to the precession of the equinox (the slow precessional wobble of the Earth), a precise date for the construction of the Great Pyramid could be derived. The southern shafts were said to point towards Sirius and Al Nitak in the belt of Orion, while the northern shafts pointed seemingly randomly into the northern skies. The allocated stars in the northern skies were Kochab and Thuban, with the latter being claimed as being the pole star in 2450 BC.

But this is all rather disingenuous. None of these northern stars are significant in brightness, position or composition, and the claim that Thuban was the 'pole star' is not entirely correct. In reality, Thuban was displaced by 2° from the celestial pole in that era, and displaced a further 0.5 ˚ from the position that the shaft angle points at. *1 Despite the theory being artificially forced-to-fit in this manner, it has almost become established as a fact. Open any serious historical report or book on the pyramids, and readers will invariably see a picture of this shaft-pointing theory, and a therefore a date of 2450 BC for the Great Pyramid.

The star-shaft pointing theory - The Great Pyramid

Fig 1. The star-shaft pointing theory. The southern shafts point at Al Nitak and Sirius, while the northern shafts point somewhat randomly towards the circumpolar stars.

Furthermore, because the Sphinx was designed as an image of Leo, it too can provide a precessional date for the construction of the Giza plateau. It does so by observing the constellation of Leo rising at dawn at the vernal (spring) equinox, which will only happen in certain eras. But while the date for the Great Pyramid derived from the star-shaft pointing theory was 2450 BC, the Giza date derived from the rising of Leo was 10,500 BC, which implies that the entire Giza plateau was very ancient indeed.

And so we can immediately see why Egyptologists have jumped upon the popular star-shaft bandwagon, rather than the lonely Leo bandwagon. The historical 'experts' date the construction of the Great Pyramid to about 2550 BC, but this date is based upon some highly disputed evidence for a poorly daubed cartouche of Pharaoh Khufu, situated way up in the attic-chambers above the King's Chamber. But no pharaoh in his right mind would ever design a tomb that did not have its internal walls plastered and engraved with his great name; with images of the supportive and approving gods; and with texts and quotes from the Book of the Dead. Clearly, the Great Pyramid is not the tomb of a pharaoh. And no royal mummy has ever been discovered in an Egyptian pyramid. Conversely, just because a succession of English kings are buried in Westminster Abbey, does this mean that this great cathedral is merely a tomb?  Think about it.  The megalithic pyramids at Giza and Dahshur are most definitely not tombs.

Anyway, as readers can see, there is a huge disconnect between the astronomical dates derived for Giza. We appear to have the Giza plateau being designed in 10,500 BC, but some of the pyramids not being built for another 8,000 years. Clearly something is wrong with the theory here, and that something is the star-shaft pointing theory, which is wrong with a capital 'W'. Or should that be: wrong with a capital 'B'? And we know this bold assertion is true, because the small shafts inside the Great Pyramid have a completely different function. They were not designed to point at stars.

As with everything the great architect of Giza did on this site, the answer to the riddle of the small shafts is extremely simple, but nevertheless very clever and quite lateral. Rudolf Gantenbrink nearly solved this riddle when he commented on his web-site that the King’s northern shaft embodied the ratio of 7 : 11, as did the Great Pyramid itself. In recent updates to Rudolf’s Cheops web-site this snippet of information appears to have been deleted, which is a shame because it was probably the closest I have seen anyone get to solving the riddle of the shafts.

What Rudolf was implying is that the shaft angle of 32.5° in the King’s north shaft gave this shaft a specific set of dimensions, and so the linear dimensions of the shaft are connected to the ratio 7 : 11. If the King’s north shaft were to be resolved down into its simplest possible figures, the vertical rise of a triangle formed by this shaft would be 7 units, and the distance along the base would be 11 units – hence the 7 : 11 ratio mentioned by Rudolf. This was highlighted as being somehow special, because the pyramid itself also has a 7 : 11 ratio in its dimensions. If the pyramid’s height were reduced down to 7 units, then the base length would be 11 units – the ratio of 7 : 11 once more. So, it seemed that the architect was using this ratio as a guide in many of his calculations.

The Great Pyramid Dimensions


Fig 1.The fundamental dimensions of the Great Pyramid are 7 : 11.

Various writers have previously mentioned this 7 : 11 ratio for the exterior of the pyramid. In fact, it is even in Petrie’s Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh amongst many others. And the 7 : 11 ratio of the Great Pyramid’s external casing stones has occurred because the pyramid is constructed using the mathematical constant, Pi, as a model or guide. The simplest Pi ratio that maintains whole-number values on both sides of this mathematical constant is 7 : 22, and it was from this ratio that the 7 : 11 ratio for the pyramid’s external dimensions was drawn. The increase from 11 to 22 is due to the formula for a circle being multiplied by 2  (ie:  2 x Pi x r).

However, the complete solution to the small shaft riddle came when it was noticed that the numbers involved in the shaft angles, also embody these very same Pi ratios (both the angular elevation, and the linear dimensions of the shafts). The shafts themselves deviate up and down by a few tenths of a degree, but the average trajectory is quite reliable. If we assume that the architect was only constructing angles to the nearest 0.5°, the angles involved in the four small shafts that branch off from the Great Pyramid’s main chambers are  45°,  39.5°,  39.5° and 32.5°. *2

And if we plot those angles and lengths on a cross section of the pyramid, something interesting happens - the rise in each shaft is exactly 70 Royal or Thoth cubits (tc). And 70 tc is exactly 1/4 the 280 tc vertical height of the pyramid itself. So the linear dimensions of the small shafts, including their all-important vertical rise in cubit lengths, are mathematical and intimately related to the cubit dimensions of the pyramid itself.

The Great Pyramid Shaft

Fig 3.  The vertical rise of the small shafts is 70 tc in each case, or 1/4 the 280 tc vertical height of the Great Pyramid.

And while this is all quite clever, there is more to this shaft symmetry, much more. If we subtract the larger angle from the smaller angle on each side of the pyramid (the north and south sides), the numerical differences between the angles are as follows:

45° minus 39.5° = 5.5°

39.5° minus 32.5° = 7°

The value of 5.5 is obviously 1/4 of 22.

Surprisingly, here are those same Pi ratio numbers yet again (7 : 11 or 7 : 22), but here they are involving angles, not lengths. Again, the complex nature of these shaft angles can be seen. They not only produce linear dimensions that are intimately related to the dimensions of the pyramid, but the numerical differences between their angles is also intimately related to the dimensions of the pyramid. This is a surprisingly complex thing to achieve, especially as the starting point for all these numbers is fixed by the mathematical constant, Pi !  This is achieved in part because the pivotal angle of 39.5° can be derived from (2 x Pi) 2 , and also from the arc-sine of  7/11 (or 1/2 Pi).

And the really important outcome of all this surprising mathematical symmetry, is that it totally destroys the star-shaft pointing theory. Readers can clearly see that the lengths and angles of the small shafts in the Great Pyramid use the mathematical constant Pi as their fundamental design criteria. They are Pi-based shafts. But this means that their angles of elevation are fixed by Pi, and not by the position of a particular star in a particular era. A Pi shaft angle cannot point at a particular star; it can only ever point at a fixed angle, and so any star-pointing can only be random. But if you are allowed the freedom of changing the era, which changes the angle of elevation of the star via precession, then of course you can make the star-pointing theory fit. If we discovered a shaft angle of 55°, this would equate to the position of Orion in about 4450 BC. And so we can continue, ad infinitum, for any angle and any era. The star-pointing theory is infinitely flexible, and therefore infinitely false.


So if these small shafts were not pointing at stars, then what were they doing? They were clearly important, as their complex design must have doubled the construction-time for the pyramid, as Rudolf Gantenbrink demonstrated with his detailed engineering designs for the pyramid. Please see for Rudolf's professional diagrams and detailed explanations for these small shafts. Surprisingly, the answer to the small-shaft conundrum lies in a mathematical challenge that comes straight out of high school. Let me explain.

The Pi ratio of 7 : 11 is all about lengths, not angles. The angular differences we have used, of 7° and 5.5°, are angular measurements and therefore have nothing to do with the linear measurements that are fundamental to the Pi ratio. So the architect has devised a riddle for us to solve – ‘When is an angle not an angle but a length?’ This may sound like an impossible question to resolve, but the answer lies on every map. To plot a position on a map we need a latitude and longitude. But when using this plotting technique, it is convenient to have a distance measurement system that is related to the dimensions of the Earth itself. Thus the unit used in nautical navigation is the Nautical mile, which is defined as being 1/21,600th of the circumference of the Earth, or 1/60th of a degree of latitude. As an aside, the length of the Nautical mile is therefore twice the Great Pyramid’s circumference.

So the answer to our architect’s crafty conundrum lies in the definition of the Nautical mile, for this unit is related to the size of the Earth and it can therefore be measured as an angular measurement, focused on the center of the Earth. One degree of arc at the center of the Earth equals 60 Nautical miles of latitude on the surface of the Earth; and so we have found a very neat and logical occasion when a linear length is defined in terms of angular measurement. It happens every time a navigator plots a position on a map.  So it would seem that our shaft angles are actually coordinates on a map.

What every grand quest needs is an ancient map, with 'X' marks the spot inscribed upon it. Strange as it may seem, it appears that we have exactly that within the Great Pyramid. As is explained in K2, Quest of the Gods, the outline of the Great Pyramid's chambers represents a perfect outline of the continents of the Earth. But of what use is a map of the world, without some coordinates to place upon it? An interesting map requires an 'X' marks the spot marked on it. Well, we now appear to have just that - a set of coordinates to place upon our Great Pyramid map!

Understanding this clever conundrum allows us to plot the Great Pyramid treasure-map, at long last. We have four shaft angles that can be used for this exercise, and therefore four coordinates that can be plotted on a map. These angles are:

            King’s Chamber          45°    &  32.5°

            Queen’s Chamber       39.5° &  39.5°

And in doing so, something quite remarkable happens. Because the differences between these shaft angles were exactly 7 and 5.5 degrees, as was explained previously, the two points on the world-map are in very specific locations relative to one another. And if the points are joined up, as has been done in the following diagram, the triangle so formed measures precisely 7 x 5.5 degrees of latitude and longitude respectively. If the triangle is doubled up with its obvious symmetric partner, then the resulting triangle drawn on the surface of the Earth becomes 7 x 11 degrees in size – which is exactly the same dimension ratio that was employed in the Great Pyramid itself.

The Great Pyramid Shaft Angles

Fig 4. Plotting the Great Pyramid’s shaft angles on a map, gives a triangle with the same ratios as the Great Pyramid itself.

Here, drawn on the surface of the Earth, is an immense triangle that has exactly the same ratio of dimensions as the Great Pyramid, and this has been drawn using the angles given to us by the shafts inside the Great Pyramid itself. Is this a coincidence? I think not.

Karakoram triangle

The next question we have to ask is, where on the surface of the Earth does this large pyramidal triangle lie? As is explained in K2, Quest of the Gods, if we use Giza as our longitudinal zero meridian, then the great triangle lies across the western Himalaya, in a region known as the Karakoram. And so a large expedition was mounted many years ago, to take a look at this location up into the high Himalaya. And since there are no roads in the region, the long trek to the center of this large triangle took nearly three weeks of hard hiking across the almost impassable terrain.

Fig 5.The high trail into the Karakoram. These are the almost impassible paths that lead to the very center of the large triangle that was discovered in fig 4.

And what was the result of this long expedition? The surprising answer is that high up in the Himalaya there is an almost exact copy of the Great Pyramid. Yes, seriously!  In the very center of this Karakoram triangle there is a large mountain that is pure white, just as the Great Pyramid used to be before its Islamic guardians pilfered the cladding stones. More importantly, this is a square-based pyramid-mountain, orientated to the cardinal points, and it has a glacier extending from its base at the same 14° angle as the causeway that extends from the Great Pyramid.

Pictures and a precisely contoured map of this pyramid-mountain are to be found in K2, Quest of the Gods, and so readers can see for themselves that there is indeed a large copy of the Great Pyramid way up in the Himalaya. Thus the pyramids of Giza are not simply representations of the stars of Orion, they are also representation of mountains. The tallest pyramid at Giza is all white (all snow covered); the Second Pyramid has a thin layer of granite at the base (a snow-line on the mountain, with a few exposed rocks at the base); while the Third Pyramid has 1/3 of its surface composed of granite (a much higher snow-line, with many rocks exposed at the base).  And do bear in mind the sequence of this amazing discovery:

i.    Firstly, the outline of the continents was noticed in the layout of the chambers.

ii.   Then the function of the shafts as cartographical coordinates was realised.

iii.  Then these were plotted and a location discovered.

iv.  Then a detailed map was ordered from China, which took four weeks to arrive.

v.   And only then was it noticed that there is a copy of the Great Pyramid up in the high Himalaya.

This is a remarkable sequence, is it not?

The detailed map of this Himalayan pyramid-mountain is reproduced in K2, Quest of the Gods, but here is a satellite photo of the region. The pyramid-mountain is in the upper center of this image. Can readers see it? Be advised that this image is orientated slightly east of north, so the pyramid-mountain will be skewed anti-clockwise slightly. In reality, it is orientated very precisely with the cardinal points.

So how do readers imagine this was achieved? How is it possible to discover a copy of the Great Pyramid up in the Himalaya? I feel, this intriguing quest has only just begun.....

Fig 6. A satellite image of the pyramid-mountain in the Karakoram. It is located in the upper center of this image, with a puff of cloud on it summit.

Featured image: The Great Pyramid of Egypt depicted with shafts. Credit: Dassault Systemes / Djedi Team


1.        Data from Voyager 4 planisphere. This says that in 2450 BC Thuban had a declination of  +88° 02', which is almost 2° displaced from the celestial pole.

2.        This Queen’s shafts were predicted to be symmetrical, based upon this new shaft theory,  long before this was discovered to be so.

By Ralph Ellis



Intriguing article! In reviewing the satellite image it appears that there is a bull, possibly an Apis bull, above and to the right of the pyramid. If that's what it is it further supports an Egyptian connection. It could also allude to the constellation Taurus which is above and to the right of Orion.

This day will occur when the light from the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and our Sun line-up to produce a ray that passes through the tube-like opening of revelation, which from the outside of the (Great) pyramid reaches into its center, in a straight unbroken line.

On that day, there is a prediction for volcanism, earth-quake activity, and fires that will spread around the world bringing destruction on Earth when the catastrophe from space will newly begin to threaten (... is this a possible planet-sized comet that will cause havoc as frequently experienced in Earth's history...? ... see <a href="" rel="nofollow">CR150</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow">CR155</a>).

The prediction, as per Michael Horn Live, EP 34 <a href="" rel="nofollow">podcast</a> at the 27:44 minute mark described <a href=" rel="nofollow">here</a>, for this event can be found <a href=" rel="nofollow">here</a> ( ) under the sub-title Contact 52 dated May 17, 1976 line items 51 - 60 The details for the reset event is described in the section above the previous section (in the same URL) that is titled Thursday, March 4, 1976, 03:16 AM

Resources that may be of help... :
<li>A <a href=" rel="nofollow">book</a>
by Eckhart R. Schmitz called "The Great Pyramid of Giza - Decoding
the Measure of a Monument" found at <a href=" rel="nofollow"></a>.
Page 10 of this book depicts a cross-section of the Great Pyramid
labeling four "star-shaft" with the number 16. The top-most
star-shaft to the right arriving from the north face of the pyramid, in
that depiction, is the one that appears to lead to the center of the
pyramid. The required date should coincide with the alignment of
this star-shaft with the ray of light from our Sun and the center of our
<li>Using the <a rel="nofollow">corrected value</a> for the circular-ratio pi =
3.144605511… discovered by Harry Lear as described at his <a href="" rel="nofollow">site</a>
and in an <a href="" rel="nofollow">open
letter</a> to President Trump.
<li>Using Christian Frehner's <a href=" rel="nofollow">translation</a>
of <a href=" rel="nofollow">FIGU
Sign of the Times No. 077</a> (Sep 2017) pages 7 -- 10 on "Important
information about the circular ratio Pi!".
<li><a href="" rel="nofollow">Secrets</a>
of the Giza Pyramids.

Contact 52 dated May 17, 1976

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Contact Report 052</a> (

Semjase: 51. When the pyramids were built, the astronomer of that time already calculated the further fate of the Earth.

52. From the results of this data, the measure values of the pyramid were established.

53. The calculations revealed that during many thousands of years, in the future, the Earth would be threatened by a catastrophe from space, as was the case during the time of the erecting of the pyramids.

54. In order to point this threatening catastrophe out to the later Earth inhabitants of the later thousands of years, therefore, the established measuring data of astronomical values for the future was worked into the pyramids.

55. This means that they were erected exactly according to the dates and measured values, which will be identical with the astronomical data, when the catastrophe from space will newly begin to threaten.

56. The astronomy of that early time was well able and, therefore, calculated the dates extremely correct.

57. In their calculations, they even took several world crashes into consideration and thus were able to calculate the data with extremely exact precision.

58. As pre-calculated, the Earth then turned over and confirmed that the
science of that ancient and long time past was correct.

59. And now the time is slowly fulfilling, when the astronomical measuring dates which, as explained served and were decisive for the building of the pyramids, is slowly becoming identical with the astronomical values of the present time and announce the event, which as in this manner been prophecied more than 70,000 years ago.

60. And this event will occur exactly at that point in time, when the sunlight of a far distant star of a central sun (central sun of the Milky Way as well as of our Sol) will brighten a very certain point through the tube-like opening of revelation, which from the outside of the pyramid reaches into its center, in a straight unbroken line

Thursday, March 4, 1976, 03:16 AM

Now arrived it has over the world, the gray-evil time, when death and destruction hurriedly race across the Earth. From the Far West approaching - and also from the Far East it weeps up as very last, deadly warning lesson. Shaken she will be, the old Mother Earth, bad and evilly; a work of insanity of Man of Earth - his madness’ reward. Earthquakes now will badly tear asunder the inside of Earth, will evilly destroy Man’s life, buildings, hearths, when from the depths of Peru’s jungle, the giant warriors arrive, murdering and robbing women and roll across villages and settlements. This is the last sign before the coming evil time, when the old Inka enemy again murdering and robbing cries, breaking forth from his hundreds-of-years-old hiding place in the jungle, where he vegetates in leaf huts and in a deep Earth tunnel. Also in Peru, after Udine, the first big quake will roll, when deep inside the Earth fire and explosions evilly growl. Tearing asunder the landscape, rears up, moans and screams, and volcanic fires now will race blazing world wide. The heart of Earth atrembles under the destruction blow, rearing up high at night time, but so also during the day. South America quakes and blazes at the blow and in smoke, enfolded in dull screaming and gray death smoke. But also America and all its islands are to be named,

then Japan, Arabia, China, India, nations that burn. They also will be shaking by drought and earthquakes, when destroyed will be buildings, animals and Man’s life. But also come rolling the quakes in the land of Turkistan, Russia, Persia, the Balkan States, Europe and Afghanistan. Not one nation will be spared around the Earth, this prophecy clearly and distinctly makes known. Many-thousand-fold death cries now begin to shrill, and no more glimmer of hope will brighten the Earth world. Disease, epidemic, storm elements round-about will evilly rage, and no prayer will help, no church hymn, no God praise. Drought and fire, catastrophes will fill the Earth, and much life in death, misery, ruin and trouble be cloaked. Hunger will break out over the entire Earth world, and out from space a mighty danger shrilly approaches. Fires will race through the lands and destroy everything, also kill whose, who pleadingly perform faithful prayers. Wild waters will foamingly heave and drown much, and snow masses death bringing will wind themselves down. Nations will sink into the deep floods of the oceans, uncountable lives will drown so in the raging floods. Navigation and air travel will become a death maker, and ocean bottom and landscape are turned into mountains of rubble, uncountably crime, war and disaster will rise, and hurl mankind into terror and sufferings. These are the final signs of the coming time, which renewed for the good, but death-bringing now rushes in. All this is the very own fault of mankind of Earth, who produces for the Earth world distress, misery and destruction pain, because he robbed her of all her treasures of oil and gas, has destroyed her ores, her forests, the life and grass. It is also the fault of many primitive atom-explosions, which within and without the Earth dethrone the law of her order. From now on the Earth world will not come to any great rest, because Man of Earth has taken too much of her treasures, exploited, badly burnt and evilly robbed her, in madness with river dams, barriers and reservoirs he covered her, which have destroyed much of the balance within her, for which now the volcanic fires and growling earthquakes roar. Earthman, these events only arose from your doings, from your insanity, your power greed, and your error ruin. You yourself carry the blame for all the coming destruction, which you conjured up through you insanity cooing. The world slowly wanted to become paradise at last, to create happiness and beauty and love on Earth; but you, Earth Man, have her natural course much disturbed, never have listened to her voices, left her warnings unheard. You have badly abused her, the so well-meaning Earth nature, have created pain for her, misery and evil hell torture. For this Earthman, you will terribly atone in the future, when death, destruction, want and misery greet you; as answer to Earth, which you so evilly have abused, which you pawn off in power greed and madness to evil. In Guatemala was given you a quite evil sign, which was over-flooded with rubble heaps and corpses of Man; but you dumb-boldly at this Earth-world-sign only laughed, and in robbing the Earth merrily and grinning continued. Then cam eto you an evil sign in Udine - the boot-land, where you saw destruction astrutting in black death robe. Many thousands of Earthmen were taken from life to death, had made life and existence for you to evil misery; but through it you have not become much wiser; never stop to murder nature and the whole world of Earth. You believe in insanity with a God to find solace, and try much harder to bind yourself to religion’s lies; you honor God and the Pope and other religion’s puppets, and therefore despise nature and Creation in total. Man of the Earth world, you carry the blame for the Earth events; had you not regarded religion, you would have seen. And would you not have been so greedy for money and power, then once you may have read the ancient prophecies, which long ago announced to you all signs of the time, offered by wise ones, who have so often proclaimed. But you, Earthman, have pandered to power and religion, hast dealt Creation badly in misery, hatred, lying and scorn; You also believed politics and the sectarians their lies, which all throughout life exhort and badly betray you. But now you will suffer for it in extremely large measure, because now for you the door of destruction has opened. The Earth avenges herself mightily, up-rearing and overly loud, because you have believed in religion, Pope, God, and politics, through which you have slid into power and insanity, by which you have ridden yourself into want, misery and destruction. Now has arrived the era of the many signs of the time, when death and destruction horribly race across Earth. Now is truly the start of destruction of life on Earth, as all foundations of the tortured blue planet quake, called forth by the madness of Man of this world, whose death cry from now on everywhere painfully yells. Man of the Earth world, you yourself willed everything just so, that the whole evil-gray power destruction rolls over you, because you would not turn yourself to the truth, but always have rushed only to the lie, religion and politics, allowed yourself to be driven by them to greed- and power craze, to get yourself caught in hatred, untruth, addiction and murder lust. Through religion and politics you have been badly xploited, are spiritually enslaved, promoted to become dumb spiritless hordes. Earthman, on to a God you roll off your responsibility, true to the error teachings of any mad religion refuge. But so from now on consider, Man of Earth, Man of this world, when death and destruction all-over-all the planet ayells, the responsibility for all this only you have to carry, because regarding this you can never consult a ‘dear God’. Only you alone are authorized and responsible for the events, because never will a God or Pope by your side stand; they are here only to betray and to evilly defraud you; to ring into you Spirit enslavement and madness to destruction. You yourself, Earthman of the blue planet Earth in the sun system, are your own neighbor in knowledge and right-doing, in law-approval; therefore, align yourself only according to truth, and this only, otherwise would befall you only much more misery, want and pain; still you may be able to keep at a distance some coming bad matters, if you now strive to conduct yourself truthfully and aright, but then you must withdraw from religion and politics, otherwise your bones in the blazing sun embers will be bleaching. (Partially has taken place; rest of events will still follow with certainty)

Soon it blazes up in Switzerland a very evil, great death-fire. A quake rolleth quite horribly, and people die so wretchedly. The magma, it growls in the Earth bowels, and the people, turning white like chalk, flee toward the old lying-God. When wild-raging, the volcano up-blazes, high in the old mountain of Adlerhorst, much land lies in rubble and ashes and the Rhine-river bends in its course. Ah, the Swiss people, they cry, to the lying God far and wide, but this evil black betrayer will not show any help or mercy. Therefore, oh Man from Switzerland, leave your God be the betrayer, and finally make truth your own; or else hell over you breaks loose and devouring tears you in to it; which destroys you and kills you - with torment-pain quite terribly.

Years ago I did some work. I read all of Wallis Budge on Egyptian Religion, several times. I read Mesurier's great founding text "The Great Pyramid Decoded". I marvelled at the maths involved and the connections that the author himself made.
But there was always a problem: no matter what I read, there was never any mention of the pyramids in contemporary texts as all or indeed, ANY, of the things that we, in our imaginations make of their existence now. We are like the apes cavorting around, and killing one another over that stone at the beginning of Kubrick's 2001!!

To me , these are places of interest, yes, but exactly where are the texts kings wrote to describe their decisions to build such montrosities as tombs? Do they exist?

I do not believe they are actually man-made. Here's why. Suppose God put all of that there, including the stone-workings and the quarries and the workers villages, for a joke, in the same way it lets us believe Darwin was right, because Darwin too, like you guys, made a lot of connections between things that have no actual connection whatsoever, in order to "prove" his idea as even valid.

Now, just because a pyramid shape is echoed elsewhere on Earth, so what? Just because your skeleton looks a bit like a monkey's, so what? Just because the pyramids shape from the air is a bit like an overhead constellation-so ****ing what?

When you can dwell in the House of the Lord forever??

Suppose Gizeh WAS the house of the Lord? (Just an idea, OK?) But suppose it was created in an instant by He who through whom everything was made (just an idea, OK?) as somewhere that He and his family could live, on a planet too hostile to Him, for Him to survive in? Or should I say IT to survive in ?
Doesn't this make more sense, and then do not the air-shafts make more sense? My house has windows that "point" at stars at different times of the year from a point in the Hall upstairs, but this doesn't mean to say that it was built for that purpose!!! Northern temples etc have their entrances aligned to the winter solstice, not because this is some kind of special day, but simply to get into the building the most light possible ALL OF THE TIME!!

So lets suggest, shall we, that our Creator lived on Earth in different places at different times, in buildings IT created, resulting in IT's cult and worship by men and women who then undertook, its upkeep and repair and its transformation into the centre of a cult devoted to God's actual existence, with in Egypts case, the overwhelming evidence of the idea of rebirth such close contact often centuries before afforded; whilst God went elsewhere and raised other huge and miraculous buildings and history and civilization then began there too, as we now know it.

This seems to make perfect sense to me.

I have just finished the book describing the shaft alignment to the stars. I found the shaft star alignment argument compelling not just because of the astronomy behind it but because of the concept of rebirth described in the Pyramid texts etc. However I was troubled by the concreteness which the alignment dated the Giza pyramids. In this I agree with you. However I also think it is a stretch to say the theory is busted. If I recall in the book it also mentioned that the alignments would also have been valid in a much earlier epoch I think half the time of a precession. The authors threw this date out in favor of the later timing for reasons I did not find certain. Having visited the pyramids and also the site in Peru I have convinced myself that the best of the granite stonework was not done in the last few millennia rather much earlier. Just my feeling. I do not see the detailed Inca work nor the granite work on the pyramids being done with simple relatively soft tools. I think it is a lost technology which we would have read about had it been as recent as 2550 BCE. I recall a guide in Peru telling me that the Inca stonework was taught to them by large men with beards who came from the sea and that is why the Peruvians believe in Atlantis.I have spent hours looking at the cutting at Sacsayhuaman, we
here on top and behind you can see once perfectly fit stones laying separated. Nobody knows how this was done so how can we presume to date it? Now reading the Sacred Geometry of the Earth and it seems to be along the lines presented that ancient mounds and pyramids point to a known symmetry, design and understanding of the earth by the ancients. My belief is that we are in the infancy of understanding the ancients and our earth. If this is the case lets be more gentle with each others ideas and build upon rather than attempt to supplant others ideas.

While I don't discount the more than valid analysis of these shafts and the mathematical equations and their significance, I am always a bit skeptical of claims that they are basically a hidden "treasure map". So after confirming that they do point to the mountain K2, I thought it must be just a coincidence and the perceived pyramid shape was a product of finding something about the location to fit the theory.

But then I saw this photograph taken from the summit of K2.

Now there is no way on earth that this is a coincidence.



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