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Discoveries and Censorship

Censorship and why discoveries do not go public


Our civilization has reached a stage in which every country and every economy are interconnected one way or the other, though—most importantly—they all connect to money. And money is connected to power. A single event can potentially create a large imbalance to this delicately interconnected system, thus dramatically affecting the powers behind money. We know, for example, how sensitive data—even rumours—can affect the Stock Market and bring great losses or profits to big organizations; but large corporations running crucial industries could be directly affected if data or products that could limited their power and influence were revealed. For example, oil companies like Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, and others whose profits are in the trillions of dollars, would never let a ‘free energy’ device into the hands of the public. The reason is obvious, as their profits would vanish in a very short time if developed countries lost dependency on oil. Yet another example is the pharmaceutical industry—another multi billion dollars sector—who would never welcome a cheap drug that would cure cancer or other major illnesses.

Furthermore, we have a few major religions with masses of followers and significant power all over the world. The power of a religion is rooted in its ‘holy’ texts and the ‘truth’ it reveals. If any of their ‘truths’ were in any way verified to be false, these dominant religious institutes would not only lose power but could potentially collapse. They are aware of this and hold rigidly to their authority. An obvious such example is what occurred in the medieval period when science began to evolve and provide answers to matters that conflicted with the views pushed by Christianity. Many thousands died during the era of the ‘Holy’ Inquisition—of course, it had nothing to do with anything ‘holy’, but was just a game of power and control.

Lastly, we have all the vigorous lobbies in sectors like science, archaeology, history, etc. Any new information that will alter the status quo of the powers in these sectors would not be welcome. That is also obvious.

Regardless of the individual scenario, what remains prominent is the hunger for power coupled with control and magnified by human arrogance. While these have always been obstacles in the evolution of humanity, it is stronger in our times than ever. It is obvious why a major discovery that is going to affect any of the sectors mentioned above is met with huge resistance, even so that it jeopardises the lives of the ones who impart this information. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see discoveries become public many, many years after the initial discovery—and sometimes never becoming public at all—either because the people responsible for them are dead, or have at least been threatened.

One recent example of a significant, yet provocative find is the Dead Sea Scrolls, major religious texts that were located in 1947. The texts were parchments over 2000 years old and written in Hebrew and Aramaic. This was the greatest archaeological find of the previous century. Yet only 20% of the text was published upon its discovery, while the other 80% confidentially remained locked away in a secret vault at the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem for about 35 years, raising debates amongst archaeologists—all because these texts were directly related to major religions.

We have also heard many stories about free energy devices that never went into production because the lives of the inventors were threatened, or because their equipment was confiscated, or because they had an ‘accident’. Not to mention the topic of UFOs where there are a massive amount of documented events and thousands of eyewitnesses, only to be suppressed and treated as a movement driven by fanatics. The cover up is stronger than ever, beginning with the Roswell event.

The ones who pay for all of this are the everyday citizens of the world—us. A select group of people, organizations and companies control the information that we are allowed to have access to so they can profit from our slavery to them. Is that not ironic?

We must ask ourselves if there a solution to this control? The answer is clear: only if people unite and become a threat to the reigning oligarchy, thus creating a major power shift. Until then, the flow of all information will continue to be controlled, and when it cannot be controlled—as is becoming the case with Internet today—‘they’ will continue to just throw huge quantities of rubbish out so that a) simple people will never be able to find out what is true, and b) serious topics become graphic and their originators ridiculed so that no one will take the matter seriously. People need to open their eyes and see what is happening and stop acting as brainless androids following what governments and other ‘experts’ try to impose on them. Once a substantial mass of people begin to awake, then there will be a chance for a better future for those seeking the truth and for authorities that present the truth.

By John Black



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I find myself paying attention more readily to the Books of the  now.  before it was just words on a page that were hard or repetative through each book & chapter. Vse. numbers were great for putting highlights from said Holy Book(s) to  the transfer cards with 80 spaces back in the Qobal days. Now we set a timer (sic) and can listen to the entire Bible without getting up. Max does a wonderful job reading.  The book of Ezekiel  comes to mind Eric Von Danaagen  does wonders with  an astrophysiscist whose name escapes me now as a 70 year old. Both the Spacecraft & the launch platform with a Book on each one by God Almighty  and my Mystery author. UAPs are fun. Saw one in ther sixties from ‘East Point GA.3rd Army HQ. (‘62)’ but it wasn’t close enough to call it an event of the first kind.(Speilberg)


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Thank you John. I just cannot understand why common sense is so rare today ...

Humanity has always been prone to fanaticism. Call it religion, or governments, or political parties, or football teams and in our century our favourite is science taking the lead! But it is still the same ‘quality’, the quality of ‘ignorance’/’arrogance’ and the tendency to follow. We believe what we are taught to believe by the authorities of the time.

That’s why it has always been a handful of people that brought new ideas that transformed humanity, the ones that could think out of the box. The rest just follow ...

I see it that way too, John.

      I just read your article . You are pretty much preaching to the choir here. How do you like our "Brave, New World?" I remember all the opponents to globalization were shouted down by the masses as being the ones holding mankind back from their true and equitable potential. It would be hilarious if it were'nt so sad. Rather than let the cream rise to the top, the world is being homogenized. Well, there's alot more than just "cream" in the milk getting mixed up and I may have to start drinking my coffee black, if you follow my drift. Enough said. Thanks for sharing.


On the political/social problems of exposing “pseudo-archaeology” as real.

Well said, and I understand how complex this issue is. It goes far above and beyond what anyone is really willing to look at. To which I would like as much help as possible from other researchers to help me on my quest.
Not only is this topic very much an issue, it is ideal on this website too. What most would consider "pseudo-archaeology" currently, is also the way I got involved in realising what is going on in the world. I say "currently" because I have put together, or rather am putting together in writing too many pieces of evidence to look past and be ignored. So thank you to all the pioneers, which everyone has contributed so much. Its a troublesome process and then getting the information out is going to be equally troublesome. My theory is nothing new, I really have no new theories, All I can see differently however is how the transition from being blind to being able to see, can all be shaped together. I am also aware of many sites (archaeological and not internet) around the world, especially some which are close to home for me, which should be excavated! Yes I am claiming I know where to look to find solid proof of this ancient enigma found in our past.
I know exactly where they are and exactly how the excavation needs to be achieved. However due to other political issues (loosely used term here as it is more a capitalistic issue) such as the obvious "divide and conquer" tactics being used, and using indigenous peoples rights and with "hate speech" acts in place, it is a very difficult and controversial topic to expose.
This however is easily addressed once you look beyond the issues of racial division, which will also need to be exposed. Just as this article here is trying to suggest.
The second problem is that people will say it is going to be expensive and slow for no financial gain or profit so leave it alone. This however is using a problem (money/capitalism) to try to avoid another problem, which is a joke but never less will have to be challenged also.
The third issue is going to be censorship either, on the sites themselves which I am proposing in my book(s) or before the information becomes public.This again is going to be a problem that needs to be addressed and sorted out too before the publication can be made.
If my digs do make it to this point where the public is going to allow them.
Can we keep this archaeological site in the publics attention so any (artefacts) of a controversial matter cannot then be removed or hidden? Another problem, but not without solutions also.
Finally if my proposed sites do turn over huge amounts of transparent findings of a controversial nature how do we move on from there? I imagine everyone would become outraged at the fact that they have been so clearly manipulated for so long that chaos could ensue. However this is another issue that is not without the possibility of a solution.
I believe, simply put that all these issues can be addressed in or before the publication of my findings “supposed findings” and all changes can be made within the next few years despite the huge amounts of conflict we are going to face trying to do so.
Philosophical reasoning.
I feel further more and past these issues, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is the very real possibility of a world free from debt and war, money and corruption and also many new areas of science to come to us. If I am one of those who is going to be shot down, ridiculed and or just suddenly disappear on this quest.. Then so be it. Its not that I am courageous, it is more so just the acceptance that whatever we do in our lives, we will one day die. Also, that if time is infinite which is hard not to imagine, that no matter what you do whether it great or very little, really won't matter at the end of the day. If you are remembered for 3000 years, 3000 years is such a tiny piece of infinity (in the scale of time), it is no more small of a fraction of infinite than if you are not remembered at all or by only a few for only a minute. Some would say this argument is bleak and pessimistic, but on the contrary, this argument equally means that if you chose to look outside the box and find some solutions and have a dream there is no reason for you not to chase it.
Death and poverty, ridicule it doesn't matter. So while we have this life that is very real, we may as well endeavour to create the changes suitable for a better world. Even if those changes are but a small piece of the puzzle.

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Thanks Roberto. What you say is true. Keep the masses ignorant, feed them what you want to, make them feel safe under 'your' protection and you have the perfect version of slavery!

Unfortunately as you say, the majority is fast asleep and do not want to wake up. However I still have hope that more and more people will gradually do - at least start thinking for themselves!


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John Black

Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black. He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins.

John is a computer & electrical engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a... Read More

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