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Forbidden books were burned. Their authors exiled, imprisoned and even killed throughout history. Source: de Art/Adobe Stock

8 Forbidden Books That Still Rewrote History

We hear a lot about censorship in the news today but it’s nothing new. In fact, the word comes from the Latin word censeo , which means to assess. Almost as soon as the printing press was introduced...
An ancient classic Greek poem taught to first year classics student at the University of Reading in England has been censored to avoid upsetting some students. Greek caryatids pillars depicting Greek women on the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. 		Source: Dimitrios / Adobe Stock

UK University Censors “Domestic Violence” in Ancient Greek Poem

English university chiefs censored an ancient Greek poem because it “seemed” like it “might” offend snowflake students - very sensitive students who are easily hurt or offended. Snowflakes that the...
Danaë from the workshop of Titian at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria. (Deriv.) Source: Public Domain

Why is Social Media Afraid of the Naked Truth in Art?

Many countries, including Austria, Germany, and France, have laws prohibiting Holocaust denial. This means every year several thousands of posts are blocked by algorithms and employees of social...
Reconstruction of a Homo Erectus Woman (RIDVAN / Adobe Stock)

Ancient Origins Censored: Skeletons, Mummies and Naked Neanderthals Deemed Too Shocking to Publish

We are being censored! With a Google report listing nearly one hundred violations for ‘shocking’ and ‘sexual content’, anyone would think we fall into the same category as LiveLeak. So, what is this...
Left: Venus of Arles statue in the Louvre Museum: Bronze statuette of a captive Gaul awaiting his death sentence, last quarter of 1st century BC, found during excavations in the Rhone River, Musée de l'Arles antique, Arles, France.

Censored! Facebook Blocks Images of 2,000-Year-Old Roman Statues for Nudity

A Geneva Museum of Art and History said that Facebook blocked them from using images of two Roman statues – a half-naked marble Venus and a bronze of a nude, kneeling captive – to promote an upcoming...
Venus of Willendorf statuette.

Iconic 30000-Year-Old Ancient Female Dubbed “Dangerous Pornography” By Facebook

A 30,000-year-old carving of a voluptuous naked woman known as the “Venus of Willendorf” statuette, has been censored by Facebook as “dangerous pornography”. Discovered in the early 20th century near...
Discoveries and Censorship

Censorship and why discoveries do not go public

Our civilization has reached a stage in which every country and every economy are interconnected one way or the other, though—most importantly—they all connect to money. And money is connected to...

Important information never goes public when discovered

People think that when something is discovered it goes public immediately. But this is not so. We live in a world where information that affects everything from economics to politics and social...