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Sheer Fluke: 7 of the Most Amazing Accidental Discoveries in Archaeology!

Uncovering the mysteries of our past has always been a fascinating pursuit for humans. From exploring hidden caves and discovering ancient artifacts to deciphering cryptic scripts and unlocking the...
Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2020

Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2020

In many ways this has been a difficult year, but in the realm of archaeological research some major discoveries have been made around the world. Lost cities and tombs have come to light, the...
One of the mummies found in the Tuna El-Gebel burial site. (Ministry of Antiquities) Head and torso of god Xipe Totec found at Ndachjian–Tehuacán archaeological site. (Melitón Tapia/ INAH) A sword from the Talaiotic civilization has been found in Mallorca, Spain. (Diario de Mallorca) Carvings made by people in Vichama, Peru 3,800 years ago suggest rain arrived just in time. (Ministerio de Cultura de Perú ) Temple remains found at Heracleion. (Christoph Gerigk - Frank Goddio/ Hilti Foundation / Egyptian Anti

The Biggest and Best Archaeological Discoveries of 2019

2019 was another exciting year for archaeology. Modern technology and extensive excavations have revealed a slew of fascinating finds – from mummies with masks to a mini Göbekli Tepe, we’ve been...
Tutankhamum’s Golden Coffin

5 Important Egyptian Archaeological Discoveries that Provided Leaps in Our Knowledge of the Past

When it comes to archaeological discoveries, very few countries can measure up to the wealth of Egypt. From the Rosetta Stone , to the Valley of the Kings, to the great ancient pyramids at Giza,...
These are Among the Biggest Archaeological Discoveries in History

These are Among the Biggest Archaeological Discoveries in History

For me, archaeologists do not discover the past; they work on what remains. Archaeology is about our relationships with what is left of the past. And more – archaeology is the discipline of things –...
Neils Bohr, ca. 1922 (R) and Albert Einstein.

Five Scientific Discoveries Made in Dreams

By Tara MacIsaac , Epoch Times In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge. We delve into ideas that stimulate...
Amazing discoveries

Ten Amazing Archaeological Discoveries

Last year we saw some incredible discoveries in the field of archaeology – from ancient myths proven true, to evidence of ancient technology, and findings that have solved enduring mysteries, such as...
New method for finding planets

New Method of Finding Planets Scores Its First Discovery

A number of significant advancements in the search for habitable planets have been reported over the last 6 months, and with every research project conducted, we are one step closer to discovering...
Ancient Catering Pyramids Egypt

Massive Catering Operation to Feed Pyramid Builders Uncovered

Archaeologists in Giza have discovered the remains of what is believed to be a massive catering operation for some 10,000 workers building the pyramid for pharaoh Menkaure, the third and last pyramid...
Sudan Archaeological Discoveries

Archaeological Marvels Unearthed in Sudan

In downtown old Acropole Hotel of Khartoum, people seem to be like migrating flocks of birds. However, none of them are here to stay but to toil in the scorching heat of the desert sun. Sudan raises...
Discoveries and Censorship

Censorship and why discoveries do not go public

Our civilization has reached a stage in which every country and every economy are interconnected one way or the other, though—most importantly—they all connect to money. And money is connected to...