Archaeologists have found 3,500-year-old rock art depicting bulls, donkeys and sheep in the Eastern Desert.

New Site is Found in an “Archaeological Oasis” of the Egyptian Eastern Desert

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered 3,500 year old rock art demonstrating the interaction of Eastern Desert and Nile Valley artistic styles. They believe that this and other finds at the site...

Paradise Lost: Gulf Oasis Was Home to Earliest Humans that Existed Africa – But What Forced them Out?

Before the Persian Gulf existed, when the last ice age caused the ocean level to drop 90 meters (295 ft) below our current sea level, “100,000 km (62137 miles) of land in this part of the world was...
Tomb of Alexander the Great - Siwa Egypt

Tomb of Alexander the Great already found, archaeologist claims, but findings have been blocked by ‘diplomatic intervention’

The final resting place of the Macedonian king, Alexander the Great, has been one of the biggest mysteries of antiquity, but is it one that has already been solved? Archaeologist Liana Souvaltzi...