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Example of a monument for an accused witch – “Maggie Wall burnt here 1657 as a Witch.” Source: Alan Weir/CC BY 2.0

Monumental Reminder of Scottish Witch Persecutions


The Scottish public is being consulted on a proposed national memorial in Fife for people condemned as witches.

Scottish records inform that between the 16th and 18th centuries there were at least 1,400 executions of people accused of witchcraft, and witches lie at the very heart of the country’s folkloric system. The newly proposed witch memorial will be the focus of discussions next Thursday evening at the Torryburn and Newmills Community Centre, which will include an information point offering the history behind Scotland’s witch persecutions.

An article in says Fife councilors Kate Stewart, Mino Manekshaw, and Bobby Clelland stated: “We’d love to see the creation of a memorial at Torryburn, dedicated to the memory of Lillias Adie” and also for the thousands of other Scottish (mainly women) witches persecuted for practicing witchcraft.

Plans are to rebuild the beacon on the coast at The Ness in Torryburn into a witch monument. (Fife Council)

Plans are to rebuild the beacon on the coast at The Ness in Torryburn into a witch monument. (Fife Council)

She Served Hard, Hard Time

For the monument, the councilors say that they have in their possession an 1840s Beamer navigation beacon which was designed by Stevenson, whose nanny Alison Cunningham was born in Torryburn. This particular Fife town has been chosen for the memorial because it was the home of Lilias Adie who died in prison in 1704, before being convicted, strangled, and burned at the stake for having sex with the devil. Adie was eventually buried beneath a stone on a beach in Torryburn in a paranoid effort to stop her returning from the grave.

A CNN article from September features a digital reconstruction of Lilias Adie that was designed by scientists at Dundee University; and Douglas Speirs, an archaeologist for Fife Council, told CNN that she was a victim of a “short-lived witch-hunting craze" in the Fife area. Around 3,500 women were executed as witches in Scotland between 1560 and 1727 AD and Adie was arrested in her late 50s or early 60s and after having been “treated roughly” in prison - being deprived of sleep and routinely interrogated - a confession was easily extracted from the woman.

Reconstructed face of Lillias Adie. (Dundee University)

Reconstructed face of Lillias Adie . (Dundee University)

A Monument to Nocturnal Goddesses

Most of the reports you will read about this new monument fail to even scratch the surface on the immense significance of this gesture. While movies, horror books, and computer games portray witches as murderous hold hags, since the study of folklore began at the end of the 19th century, they have been associated with the human-like beings known as elves or fairies, the glue of Scottish folklore.

An article on explains that the records of Scottish witch trials have long been an important source for the study of British fairy tradition, and scholar Carlo Ginzburg argued that the concept of the witches’ sabbath holds traces of an “ancient shamanistic sub-stratum”. His unarguable theory is based on confessions by Scottish witches that they had visited fairies and their queen, and he concluded that we can now recognize the “distorted echo of an ecstatic cult of Celtic tradition, dedicated to nocturnal goddesses”.

Illustration of witches, perhaps being tortured before James VI and I, from his ‘Daemonologie’ (1597). (Public Domain)

Illustration of witches, perhaps being tortured before James VI and I, from his ‘Daemonologie’ (1597). (Public Domain)

Female Scottish Shamans

Witches, according to Ginzburg, entered altered states of consciousness similar to those employed by shamans and by drawing on a pre-Christian animist concepts of the world, the spirits with whom they dealt, especially fairies, descended. The author avoided calling this concept ‘pagan’ and emphasized that early modern commoners generally had a cosmos populated by supernatural figures of both Christian and pre-Christian origin.

Gábor Klaniczay, a Professor at the Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University in Budapest, also explored the idea that witchcraft holds vestiges of ancient rituals and belief systems in his 2005 book ‘A cultural history of witchcraft.’ Drawing evidence from witchcraft trials in early modern Britain, the author argued that in most cases witches drew their ideas from “envisioned encounters with a spirit world in altered states of consciousness” and that this was similar to the activities of shamans.

The North Berwick witches from a contemporary pamphlet, ‘Newes From Scotland’. (Public Domain)

The North Berwick witches from a contemporary pamphlet, ‘Newes From Scotland’. (Public Domain)

Shadows of the Church

Thus, the new monument being proposed in Fife is not only a statue to the thousands of women murdered for practicing witchcraft in Scotland, but it will serve as a reminder of a period of history when the lines between right and wrong were very blurred. A time when priests and ministers of churches freely communicated with supernatural gods and spirits, but the same was forbidden to commoners.

And the monument is also a reminder of a dark time in history when the spiritual police (the Church) murdered infinitely more folk than their perceived adversaries- the witches.

Top Image: Example of a monument for an accused witch – “Maggie Wall burnt here 1657 as a Witch.” Source: Alan Weir/CC BY 2.0

By Ashley Cowie



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Love the idea of a memorial for these individuals. Anyone know of a book or source to look up the names of these individuals who were accused and/or murdered for being allegedly “witches” in Scotland? I have a number of ancestor who were accused in Salem MA, and in Sweden. I suspect there may have been more. Thanks!

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Apart from Harry Potter series, what I always have in mind is that most Eastern Europe countries and some at nearby highly profess their witchcraft cultures, hence it's suprising for me that Scotland turns out to have conducted such ferocious actions towards whom accused of practicing witchcraft..


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The Real Story of Wiccan Witches:

Written by the author of Secrets of the Pink Kush, the world’s leading book on the occult (hidden knowledge).


Witches of the Wiccan variety are essentially Luciferian who work towards the demise of men. Wicca was started by Gerald Gardner, a Jewish Freemason, who was directed by the Luciferian Freemasons to revive this ancient cult. Wiccan witchcraft is part of the ancient Cult of Demeter and part of the Eleusinian Mysteries.


Casting spells while naked is essential to making magic according to the founder, Gerald Gardner. He also claims that witchcraft works but this is a lie. Remember that Luciferians walk the left hand path and always lie, cheat and steal. Witchcraft does not work, there is no scientific basis for its existence but there is an indoctrination process that will “cast a spell” upon those that believe. Without belief it is pure nonsense and there is no evidence to the contrary to support this totally mythical practice.


Wiccan is the worship of a horned goddess, not a horned god. That horned goddess is the Devil or Lucifer. She is the highest ranking female tetraploid human (see Secrets of the Pink Kush) that actually runs planet Earth for her boss, God (another tetraploid human). Satan is the enforcer for God and for Lucifer for that matter. Witches and Wiccan is NOT PAGAN because all Luciferians worship the Devil AKA Lucifer. Most religions are actually Luciferian but deceive people into believing that they are worshipping God. They are not worshipping God but working for the Devil and her New World Order which is a totalitarian slave based matriarchal system.

Some famous witches include Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford. Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel were involved in the Tate/La Bianca murders while Linda Kasabian was also one of the witches for Charles Manson.


The British Broadcasting Corporation, a Hebrew propaganda channel in the United Kingdom helped promote Wicca by interviewing Gerald Gardner. The TV show “Bewitched” was created in order to get people to find witches more appealing to the masses. The same goes for Vampires with its similarly bogus myths. You will also notice the extreme propaganda for the LGBTQ agenda and promotion of women.


During the second world war, men were sent overseas to die for women while women stole their high paying manufacturing jobs. This is witchcraft. Devaluing a neighbours property and then buying it cheap is witchcraft. Poisoning people or their wells is witchcraft. Arson is witchcraft. Murder and soliciting for it is witchcraft. Evil deeds are indeed witchcraft.


Wicca has NOTHING to do with ancient Celtic rites or Druids. Celtic people were patriarchal and thus worshipped a male patriarch like Oden. There are many lies within this phony cult because it is based upon deceit. The Devil must deceive people otherwise she would not have any followers. Wicca may seem like a good belief system from the outside but it is total opposite.


Wicca goes against nature because males are the dominant force in nature whereas they seek out lesbianism, communism, Luciferianism and a totalitarian slave based system that worships women as divas. This renders their activities narcissistic and self centered. This cult goes against humanity and Luciferianism is responsible for both world wars and others as well. Adolph Hitler was attempting to establish a Third Reich which was to usurp our current matriarchal  Hellenistic system with this resulting in World War II. There have been two matriarchal systems and two patriarchal systems since the Serpent People (Tetraploid Humans) came up with this gender based system. See Genesis 3:15.


If you think being a Wiccan witch is cool and/or nice then you are deluded. Wicca is Luciferianism which involves the control and murder of all humans for their master, Lucifer.


There are major concerns over the practice of witchcraft for several reasons. I have personally been greatly affected quite negatively by those practicing witchcraft. It led to their demise as well as greed, avarice and evil deeds overwhelmed their lives.


The Malleus Maliforicum (Hammer of Witches) by Heinrich Kramer 1487 details how some witches did indeed have sex with the devil. The real Devil is the nickname for Lucifer and she is female so their definition is off but they were having sex with demons, at least some did. These demons were called incubus and succubus for male and female beings respectively.


It was said, in this book, that the babies born from this union had no souls. The reason that they thought they had no souls is because they could not have children. Merlin was one such child of a demon and a witch. He was bigger, stronger and smarter than all of the other people. He was also sterile but not because he had no soul but he was a triploid human like Hercules, Gilgamesh, Enkidu and maybe Jesus. This is due to the number of chromosomes and the Laws of Polyploidism, which I developed and documented in my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush (Vol III, Appendix IV).


The incubus and succubus were tetraploid humans and thus had four sets of chromosomes. This leads to doubling of the cell structure and basically the size. This is the biological definition of a giant. Tetraploid humans are called Raphaim class giants in the Old Testament while triploids are referred to as Nephilim. All seedless fruit is done by using triploids because there is a genetic mismatch and thus, there can be no progeny. The Old Testament also states that the Nephilim giants died off because they were not fruitful unto God (sterile). See Genesis 6:4 for documented proof that sons of gods (tetraploids) had sex with daughters of men (diploids) which resulted in sterile Nephilim triploids (demigods).


Many women who became feminists could then be perceived as practicing witchcraft and this is the reason, I suspect, that many women were burned at the stake. They were attempting to subvert the patriarchal Old World Order, deemed witches and burned or hung until dead.


In regards to this monument being constructed in memory of witches we must look into the reality of the Scots themselves. They are not Celtic but Gaelic which is a shortened form of Gatholic or Catholic. They are Sephardic Jews and that is why they secretly practice Freemasonry (Ancient Scottish Rite) which supports witchcraft and even recently revived it. The Scots are inherently Luciferian and probably the Maccabees. The bagpipes are an ancient Hittite (Persian Empire) instrument while the kilt is the skirt of Lucifer and is depicted in the reliefs for the Cult of Mithras. The depiction is of a man in a skirt and sword standing over a bull with a slit throat. This is a representation of the Luciferian doctrine to destroy all patriarchal systems. Hence the constant gender wars where men are sacrificed such that women can be put on a pedestal. This is kumari or diva or devi worship. Witches are part of this Luciferian scheme.  


My book, Secrets of the Pink Kush, proves that giants did exist and still exist. They actually rule planet Earth through their proxies and sometimes witches are involved and therein . 


These tetraploid humans are the gods of the ancient past and are now our modern aliens. They are the ones responsible for building these megalithic structures including Stonehenge which has been falsely attributed to Druids or Celts. They are the Serpent People AKA The Dragon.

William H. Bradshaw, Dipl. T. (MCL), CPIM. Author of Secrets of the Pink Kush

William H. Bradhaw, Dipl. T, CPIM

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Ashley is a Scottish historian, author, and documentary filmmaker presenting original perspectives on historical problems in accessible and exciting ways.

He was raised in Wick, a small fishing village in the county of Caithness on the north east coast of... Read More

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