Siberia Megaliths

Have enormous megaliths been discovered in Southern Siberia, or are they a rare product of nature?

A series of incredible photographs have been released by Dr Valery Uvarov , Head of the Department of Palaeoscience, Palaeotechnology, and UFO Research of the National Security Academy of Russia, following an expedition to the mountains of Gornaya Shoria in Southern Siberia. The photographs appear to depict a set of enormous megaliths and Dr Uvarov is convinced they are man-made structures. Others, however, have argued that they are simple a rare example of the power and wonder of Mother Nature.

An expedition headed by Georgy Sidorov was undertaken a team of 19 researchers following information about the existence of a large number of strange megalithic objects on Gornaya Shoria, a mountain reaching 1,100 metres above sea level, and situated in a remote part of Russia which had previously been blocked off by checkpoints during the era of the Soviet Union.

Siberia Megaliths

The site of the ‘megalith’ stone blocks. Photo credit: Georgy Sidorov

Upon reaching the site described, the research team came across huge blocks of stone, which seem to be granite, with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners.  The enormous blocks, some measuring 20 metres in length and 6 metres in height and width, appear to be stacked on top of each other.

Siberia Megaliths

The large blocks appear to be stacked on top of each other. Photo credit: Georgy Sidorov

Siberia Megaliths

Some stones appear to have been positioned to create shelters. Photo credit: Georgy Sidorov

The research team also observed some other unusual phenomena. Firstly, they noted that many of the stones showed burn marks and that the rock appeared “melted” in some places. Secondly, they found that all compass needles turned away from the megaliths, in the opposite direction to which the compass should have been pointing.

The monolith at Baalbek is considered to be one of the largest single stones used in an ancient megalithic site, but the blocks or stones at Shoria are much, much larger, making some question whether these stones could really reflect a man-made structure. If they were carved by ancient people, the blocks would be the largest megaliths ever worked by human hands.

Siberia Megaliths

Some of the stones display clear edges and angles. Photo credit: Georgy Sidorov

Sensational claims are already filtering their way around the internet, for example, that the site is evidence of an ancient lost civilization, a race of giants, or UFO visitations. While the pictures are indeed compelling and it is difficult to come up with a natural explanation, nature is also known to have produced some startling rock formations around the world that defy explanation, such as the Giants Causeway of Northern Ireland and the Waffle Rock of West Virginia.

Therefore, it seems sensible to wait in anticipation for geological research to be undertaken in the area to determine the true nature of these remarkable structures.

By April Holloway


LOL anybody that thinks those are made naturally need to go back to grade school.

The problem is that the "Established Scientific Community" will never allow the truth to be made public. We have to stop saying that is impossible and start believing that it is probable. 4.5 billion years this planet has orbited around a yellow sun, how arrogant we are to believe that we are the only intelligent race to have existed on earth ever.

You can't discount the possibility of a natural formation, but the possibility seems remote. On the other hand, you have to take the extreme weight into account. It would be like stacking a Man 'O' War. Best let those who know sort this out.

I like how "nature" made those right angles, planed surfaces and scoring marks on granite. And then stacked row after row of the squared-off and trued-up massive megaliths. It must have been when "nature" was young and liked playing with blocks.

Just like it did with the even more massive underwater Yonaguni megaliths in Japan, where "nature" even cleaned up after herself and brushed away all that debris that was left after she haphazardly cracked thousands of square yards of absolutely straight and flat edges and surfaces, but left no gravel or sign of falls and quakes at all.

Very cool. Nature does provide some straight edges and like it says in the article..giants causway in ireland is one example of the wonders of nature. BUT it would be just as ignorant of me to say its not one or the other. Either way this is an amazing find!


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