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Curious Tjipetir blocks have been turning up on beaches across Europe for decades. Source: Tom Quinn Williams / Tjipetir Mystery Facebook page

Mysterious Tjipetir Blocks Are Appearing on European Beaches

A woman was walking along the beach in Cornwall , England in 2012, when she by chance spotted a dark tablet in the sand. On closer inspection she noticed it was inscribed with a strange word, but...
Trilogy statue of King Ramesses II, Ptah and Sekhmet. Cairo Egyptian Museum.          Source: JMCC1 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Has A “Royal-Trinity” Of King Ramesses II Been Discovered In Egypt?

A group of ancient statues has been discovered in the deserts of Egypt, and this remarkable timeworn ‘royal-trinity’ seems to feature the Egyptian creator god Ptah , the maintainer of Earth, King...
The design experiment created by MIT scientists Credit: Brandon Clifford & Johanna Lobdell in collaboration with Davide Zampini

Is this How Ancient Megalithic Structures Were Made? MIT Scientist Move 25-Ton Blocks by Hand!

Ancient cultures in Peru, China and Egypt, to name only a few; quarried, lifted, transported and crafted vast megaliths, some weighing several hundred tons. Until now, theories as to how these stones...
Relief carved from stone featuring Ptolemy XIII of Egypt and the deity Isis. Representational image.

4,000-Year-Old Relief Carvings and Decorated Stone Blocks Discovered in Temple of Serapis in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered two 4,000-year-old reliefs in the Temple of Serapis on the Red Sea. The Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Eldamaty announced last week that discoveries...
Siberia Megaliths

Have enormous megaliths been discovered in Southern Siberia, or are they a rare product of nature?

A series of incredible photographs have been released by Dr Valery Uvarov , Head of the Department of Palaeoscience, Palaeotechnology, and UFO Research of the National Security Academy of Russia,...