Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts - Ebook

Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts - Free Ebook

On 22nd February, Ancient Origins will be celebrating Two Years since its launch. To mark the occasion, we will be giving all our subscribers a Free Ebook titled 'Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts'. 

This ebook is a compilation of exclusive articles written for Ancient Origins by authors, researchers, and experts from a variety of different fields. The book explores the most enigmatic and fascinating relics uncovered from our ancient past, and presents new theories to explain the mysteries surrounding some of the world’s more unique and unusual artifacts.

The book will be available to download from this page on Sunday 22 nd February. You will need to be a subscriber and logged in to the page in order to download it. If you have not yet subscribed, you can register here .

Book Contents


thank you


thanks this will be great.

Dane Woolley

I could not download Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts - Free Ebook Part 2

ancient-origins's picture

Hi Leonie. Did you try to login first?



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