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Ahmed Osman

Ahmed Osman

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Ahmed Osman is an Egyptian-born author who has been trying to find the link between the stories of the Bible and ancient Egyptian history. Born in Cairo in 1934, he studied law in the university before working as a journalist.

He moved to London in 1965, where he joined the Egypt Exploration Society, and studied the history and language of ancient Egypt. He also taught himself biblical Hebrew, and researched the history of both the Bible and the Kuran, before trying to look for origin of the biblical stories in Egyptian sources. 

His first hypothesis was that Patriarch Joseph, of the coat of many colours, was in fact Yuya the minister of Amenhotep III of Egypt’s 18 th Dynasty. This was the subject of his 1 st book Stranger in the Valley of the Kings, now republished in another title The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt.

His second work claimed that Moses of the Bible was the same person as the monotheistic king Akhenaten, whose maternal grandfather was Yuya/Joseph. This was the subject of his second book Moses Pharaoh of Egypt, now republished as Moses and Akhenaten.

His third work suggested that Jesus of the New Testament was the same person as Joshua the son of Nun and Tut-ankh-Amun. This Jesus was not only a contemporary of Moses, but also his son. This argument was presented in a book The House of the Messiah, now republished as Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs.

His fourth work claimed that Christianity came out of Egypt, not Palestine, and it was the Roman fathers who claimed that St Peter, rather than St Paul, was the apostle who spread Christianity to Gentiles. This was argued in a book called Out of Egypt, now republished under the title Christianity: An Ancient Egyptian Religion.

His fifth book was co-authored by Robert Bauval, which exposes the many cycles of monument destruction and cultural suppression in Egypt, and gives details of vandalism of Egyptian antiquities and suppression of ancient knowledge. It is published under the title Breaking the Mirror of Heaven.

His sixth book claims that he was able to identify the location of the city where Moses led the Israelites in their Exodus, out of Egypt. After 25 years of Osman’s identification, archaeological findings confirmed his argument. It is titled The Lost City of the Exodus.



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