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Rose Flem-Ath

Rose Flem-Ath


ROSE FLEM-ATH is co-author (with Rand Flem-Ath) of WHEN THE SKY FELL which was translated into a dozen languages and has become an ancient history classic. It incorporates Rand’s extensive research into origin myths from around the globe and locates Atlantis in Antarctica. It explores the possibility that the lost civilization was destroyed by an earth crust displacement around 9,600 BC.

In 2012 Rose and Rand co-authored ATLANTIS BENEATH THE ICE which updated and expanded the seventeen years of research found in WHEN THE SKY FELL.

Rose has a B.A. in English Literature and has worked in academic and public libraries. She was an assistant editor for Media Monitor, a Financial Times (UK) publication.

Her first novel, FIELD OF THUNDER, takes place during the first Gulf War. The story is precipitated by the British nuclear tests in Maralinga, Australia and involves a biological threat incubated in a secret lab near Pine Gap.

Her most recent novel, THE EVADERS, follows the desperate trail of North American survivors of an Ebola-like virus as they flee to the wilderness in search of sanctuary. They soon realize that they can’t outrun the weaknesses and secrets that haunted them in safer times.

Rose has twice been awarded the prestigious Canada Arts Council grant for fiction. She is working on a new novel about a twelve-year-old caught in the personal and political tumult of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

KILLING MOSES is a ground-breaking retelling of the story of Moses.

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