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Fish hips human origins

Our hips and their fish origins


Evolution is a very complex topic. Since Darwin and his famous evolution theory, many things have changed and new theories have emerged. Panspermia theory is the most popular theory at the moment (and it makes sense), however I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. It is true that Darwin’s evolution theory applies to some things but not to everything and the gaps that exists may be filled with other theories like the Panspermia theory.

So what about the origins of our ‘hips’? A new research published in the Evolution and Development journal shows that our hip structure shares many common elements with our closest fish ancestors. According to the evolution theory, the first four legged animals walked on the land about 400 million years ago which could have led to stronger hipbones.

Dr Catherine Boisvert of the Monash University and her team have compared the hip development of the Australian lung fish and the Mexican Walking Fish which has shown the transition took place in a few evolutionary steps. Their research has shown that the sitting bones would have been an evolved extension of the existing pubis and the connection to the vertebral column could have evolved (that’s a hypothesis) through an iliac process (or ridge) existing in fish.

Although the research is still a hypothesis in its total, I am sure it will make many sceptics use it as another ‘evidence’ towards the Darwin’s Evolution theory. It is funny how sceptics ignore the hypothesis when it comes to verifying their scepticism but do not ignore a single comma when it comes to anything against their scepticism. Well as I have said many times in the past, our world hasn’t evolved because of the sceptics but only because of the few that go against the current.

By John Black

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John Black

Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black. He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins.

John is a computer & electrical engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a... Read More

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