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Al Khazneh (The Treasury) in Petra.	Source: Volodymyr Shevchuk/Adobe Stock

The Fascinating Hidden History of Petra (Video)

Nestled in a secluded valley surrounded by towering mountains, Petra reveals an intriguing narrative of architectural brilliance and cultural depth. The Siq, a narrow fault serving as the city's...
Petra, Jordan. Source: kanuman / Adobe Stock.

Petra: Where History and Beauty Converge (Video)

Petra is an ancient city located in present-day Jordan, renowned for its breathtaking architecture carved into the rose-red cliffs and its historical significance. The history of Petra dates back...
Hegra, Saudi Arabia. Source: ab / Adobe Stock.

Hegra, Petra's Forgotten Twin (Video)

The magnificent ancient city of Petra , nestled in the rugged mountains of modern-day Jordan, captivates visitors with its breathtaking beauty and historical significance. Recognized as one of the...
Petra, Jordan. Source: Lovrencg / Adobe Stock.

Petra: An Ancient Wonder Carved in Stone (Video)

Deep within the canyons of Jordan's desert lies a breathtaking ancient treasure - the stone city of Petra . This sprawling metropolis, hand-carved into the sandstone cliffs, is a testament to an...
Oblique aerial view of the central camp, from the east. Possible rectilinear internal divisions are visible on the left side of the enclosure. Source: Antiquity Publications Ltd/ APAAME

Undocumented Roman Army Camps Indicate Military Manoeuvres in the Arabian Desert

Chalk one up for the all-seeing eye of Google Earth. Using this global aerial imaging program as a tool of discovery, last year archaeologists from the University of Oxford identified the ruins of...
Scenes of the evacuation and flood of Petra historic site. Source: Twitter Screenshot

Petra Historic World Heritage Site Blasted By Flash Floods

In another case of nature’s wrath rearing its head, flash floods have struck the iconic world heritage site at Petra, Jordan, forcing the evacuation of 1,700 tourists . A whopping 66 millimeters of...
Archaeo-astronomy Of The Ancient Nabataeans In Petra

Archaeo-astronomy Of The Ancient Nabataeans In Petra

Adoration of the Sun and alignment of monuments to its annual path through the skies was universal in the ancient world. Evidence of that devotion has been uncovered in sacred architecture across...
Inscribed Byzantine Greek Stone Dedicated To Mary Discovered in Israel

Inscribed Byzantine Greek Stone Dedicated To Mary Discovered in Israel

An ancient, inscribed Byzantine Greek stone has been discovered in Israel’s Negev desert with a rare Greek dedication to Maria, the Mother of God. The Byzantine Greek stone was found in Israel’s...
 Woman at Petra.

Were the Women of Petra More Important Than the Men?

The Nabataeans were a society who inhabited Arabia and the Southern Levant from the 3rd century BC to approximately 106 AD when the Nabataean kingdom was annexed by the Roman Empire. Known for their...
A copper bowl burning frankincense.

Why Did Ancient People Travel Thousands of Kilometers for Incense?

In ancient times, people would travel thousands of kilometers across land and sea, along a network of trading routes, to acquire the precious commodities of myrrh and frankincense. The ancient...
Anonymous Venetian Orientalist painting, The Reception of the Ambassadors in Damascus, 1511, the Louvre.

Damascus: The Ancient City that was Fought Over by Numerous Civilizations is Facing its Biggest Crisis Today

The city of Damascus, which lies in the southwestern part of Syria, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. This city is located in a desert oasis on the eastern foothills of...
Nabataeans - Petra, Jordan

Ancient monuments of the Nabataeans were built according to celestial events

A study published in March by the Nexus Network Journal suggests that the spatial position of palaces, temples, and tombs built at least 2, 300 years ago by the Nabataeans, including the famous city...