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Sarah P Young

Sarah P Young is undertaking her masters in archaeology, specializing in early human behavior and in particular evidence of interaction between humans and Neanderthals. She hopes to continue her studies further and complete a doctorate.


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Mesopotamian relief of Assyrian warriors. Credit: kmiragaya / Adobe Stock

Ancient Mesopotamia and the Rise of Civilization

In ancient times, Mesopotamia, meaning ‘land between two rivers’, was a vast region that lay between the Tigris and Euphrates river systems, and it is where civilization emerged over 7,000 years ago...
‘The Battle of Culloden’ 1746 by David Morier. Source: Public Domain

9 Reasons for the Tragic Highlander Deaths in the Battle of Culloden

There have been countless significant battles throughout history. Some of them have become infamous – from the Battle of Passchendaele during WWI to the Battle of Hastings in 1066, but the majority...
Gargoyles on the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris overlooking Paris, France. Source: scaliger / Adobe Stock.

The Grotesque World of Gargoyles

Gargoyles are an architectural feature that have existed for thousands of years. Initially designed to filter rainwater away from the edge of a building, they also have an arcane purpose – to ward...
Hippocrates Statue and Dooley Hospital Door.	Source: CC BY 2.0

Ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates and the Medical Revolution

Classical Greece is considered by many to be the birthplace of modern Western civilization. The ancient Greeks made astounding progress in a huge number of areas - from politics and governing to...
The wild man has many names throughout the legends of the ancient world. Source: warpaintcobra/ Adobe Stock.

Wild Men of the Ancient World: Legends Across the Globe Tell of a Humanoid Beast – Are They Real?

Man-like beasts appear in myths and legends of cultures around the globe. The best known ‘wild man’ phenomena of today is the Sasquatch or Big Foot of North America, but there are other legends such...
Agathocles of Syracuse; warrior, ruler, tyrant. Source: Fotokvadrat / Adobe Stock.

Agathocles of Syracuse: The Original Machiavellian Tyrant

Agathocles of Syracuse came from fairly humble beginnings but his focus and ambition brought him to the tyrannical rule of the city where he grew up. But his tyranny was not merciless and...
Egyptian mummy. Credit: markrhhiggins / Adobe Stock

Nine Parts of the Human Soul According to the Ancient Egyptians

The idea of the human soul has fascinated humankind for thousands of years. Cultures around the world have sought to explain the soul or spirit in a wide and fascinating variety of ways. The soul is...
The Acropolis of Athens. Source: moofushi / Adobe Stock.

The Acropolis Of Athens: A Golden Age Legacy

The Acropolis of Athens is the most famous of the many acropolises from ancient Greece. The Acropolis we know today was initially constructed in the 5th century BC under Pericles , a governor of...
Mask of pharaoh Tutankhamun. Source: Dieter Hawlan / Adobe Stock

The Boy King Behind the Mask: Tutankhamun’s Life and Legacy

The incredible golden mask with its dark blue stripes of lapis lazuli and serious young face is probably the most famous ancient artifact in the world. It is instantly recognizable, and the iconic...
Plastico di Roma imperiale at the Museum of the Roman Civilization. Source: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Plastico di Roma Imperiale Wasn’t Built in a Day: Accurate Mini Rome Model Took 35 Years

The Roman Empire dominated most of Europe and parts of Africa and the Middle East for over thousand years, evolving from a monarchy to a democracy and finally a militaristic dictatorship. The empire...
Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. Source: dbvirago / Adobe Stock.

Pompeii: The Ancient Roman City Frozen in Time

In the Campania region of Italy near the modern day city of Naples , there was once a prosperous Roman city - Pompeii. As a thriving center for trade, the inhabitants of the city were a mixture of...
Khachkars of Noratus, old cemetery. The oldest khachkars (Armenian cross-stones) are of 9-10th centuries, but the most of them are from 13-17th centuries.

The Khachkar Stones of Noratus and a Peculiar Resistance of the Invasion of Tamerlane

The ancient village of Noratus, in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia , is a hidden gem with a number of historical monuments. The modern village was established in 1829, but it was first declared a...
The Cwezi were believed to be ancient extraterrestrials or demigods. Source: Stanislav / Adobe Stock.

The Cwezi: Ancient Race of Mystical People and the Modern-Day Cwezi Cult Accused of Black Magic

The Bachwezi people, who are also known as the Ancient Cwezi or Chwezi, were a group of people who legends say ruled the Empire of Kitara (Empire of the Sun), which encompassed a vast area including...
Following the Footsteps of the Ancestors: The Walkabout Coming of Age Ceremony

Following the Footsteps of the Ancestors: The Walkabout Coming of Age Ceremony

Australia has been inhabited for more than 50,000 years and the Aboriginal people have a complex and fascinating spiritual life. Their culture is filled with traditions and ceremonies with special...
Painted cave in Galdar, Grand Canary Island.

Cueva Pintada: Painted Cave of Gran Canaria Reveals Mystery of Ancient Inhabitants

In 1862, in the center of the Spanish town of Galdar , an incredible archaeological discovery was made while agricultural work was being undertaken. Through a hole in its roof, the extraordinary...
Skulls painted with names, colorful flowers, and crosses in the Charnel House in Hallstatt, Austria. Source: J. Ossorio Castillo / Adobe.

The Incredible World of Painted Skulls and Bone Houses

Overlooking the Alps, in the idyllic Austrian mountain town of Hallstatt , a few hundred grave markers indicate the resting place of former residents. But those who choose to be buried there know...