Dia De Muertos. Credit: Yuliya Ochkan / Adobe Stock

Mexican Day of the Dead – Bittersweet Remembrance of Departed Ancestors

The celebrated Mexican Day of the Dead means one thing for city dwellers and quite another for country folks. It is a day dedicated to the bittersweet remembrance of departed family members. It also...
Ek Balam Maya Archeological Site. Maya Ruins, Yucatan Peninsula. Credit: bobiphil / Adobe Stock

Mexico Wants to Run a Tourist Train Through its Maya Heartland — Should It?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has a dream for the Yucatan Peninsula. He wants to build a train that will leverage the tourism economy of Cancun by bringing more visitors inland to the...
Art of an Empire: The Imagination, Creativity and Craftsmanship of the Aztecs

Art of an Empire: The Imagination, Creativity and Craftsmanship of the Aztecs

The Aztec Empire, centred at the capital of Tenochtitlan, dominated most of Mesoamerica in the 15th and 16th centuries CE. With military conquest and trade expansion the art of the Aztecs also spread...
Pages 11 and 10 of the rediscovered codex with a reconstruction below

Researchers Uncover Lost Mexican Codex Hidden Beneath Another Codex

A 500-year-old Mexican text dating to just before Hernan Cortez arrived in Mexico with his band of murderous, thieving conquistadors has been discovered written over, underneath another old Mexican...
Ancient Mexican mural depicting drunken

Ancient Mexican mural depicting drunken revelry revealed for the first time

An ancient mural which depicts a scene of drunken revelry as part of a pre-Hispanic ceremony dedicated to the goddess Mayahuel, is being opened up to the public for the first time, according to a...
Voynich Manuscript

Can Mexican plant unravel the enigma of the Voynich manuscript?

The 15th Century Voynich manuscript is considered to be the most mysterious text ever uncovered as it has never been deciphered despite over a century of attempts to uncover its meaning and more than...